Making Jewelry And Handmade Ornaments With 2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Colors

Do you love color? We do! We are firm followers of  Pantone trends. Pantone turned the subjective language of color into a solid science. They have categorized, studied, and revolutionized how we feel about color. We think their color palettes are impactful and amazing. 2020 fall and winter fashion is no exception. We color matched some of their choices for the season and adopted them into our beading and jewelry making. We think you are going to love the four colors we selected. Stay fashion forward and gloriously festive! Let's look at Pantone color!

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We love all of  Pantone's color choices. We thought we could come up with some on point and current fashion jewelry with four of 2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Colors. We color matched Fired Brick, Sleet, Blue Depths, and Military Olive with our beading wire and limited inventory bead mixes and bead strands. Not all of our wire choices are dead on, but we chose colors that partnered with the spirit of the color. We launched a new quad, the 2020 Pantone Fall/Winter Color Quad of Beading Wire. This pack of beading wire is our selection of color accents. You can purchase these wires separately our get them in this one fun pack. And just for fun, we are also going to look at how to make some handcrafted ornaments with Pantone colors. Make your house merry with these festive tones!

The Great Bead Extravaganza!

The Great Bead Extravaganza!

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Making Jewelry With 2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Colors

What Is The Pantone Color Institute?

The Pantone company was founded in the 1950s as a commercial printing company. It was originally named M & J Levine Advertising, after owners Mervin and Jesse Levine. In 1956, the brothers hired Lawrence Herbert, for part time work. Lawrence was a recent graduate from Hofstra university. Lawrence was skilled with colors and chemistry and was quick to notice how the science of color was a subjective language in the advertising community. One person's 'Warm Ochre' might be another's 'Toasty Butterscotch'. The system was extremely inefficient and without a solid, objective system, there would always be issues. In 1962, Lawrence purchased the company's assets from the Levine brothers and the Pantone company was born.

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Quad of Beading Wire

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Quad of Beading Wire

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Quad of Beading Wire

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Quad of Beading Wire

Explore the 2020  Pantone Colors of Fall and Winter. The  2020 Pantone Fall/Winter Color Quad of Beading Wire is our color matching collection. This Quad selection of colors was built to complement the colorways of Pantone's Autumn and Winter seasonal selections: Military Olive, Blue Depths, Fired Brick, and Sleet. We color matched with these wires (using a little artistic liberty): Antique Brass (Military Olive) color Soft Flex Beading Wire .019 (Medium), Dark Blue Lapis (Blue Depths) color Soft Flex Beading Wire .019 (Medium), Garnet (Fired Brick) color Soft Flex Beading Wire .019 (Medium), and Tanzanite (Sleet) color Soft Flex Beading Wire .019 (Medium). We think you will love this color collection as much as we do.

Pantone knows color!

This  Quad Collection is comprised of lead-free beading wire for designers that want to create jewelry with color mixing in mind. Color Wire Sets encapsulate the vivid palette of nature and the glamour of the fashion world. Color Wire Sets are comprised of fun and complementary 10 foot spools of Soft Flex Wire, the wire is constructed of 49 micro woven stainless steel wires. We recommend our Color Wire Sets for designers that want to design with a motif or gemstone in mind.

Pantone Is The Authority On Trending Color

Now in Carlstadt, New Jersey, the company forged ahead and created an easy system for printing companies to follow. The Pantone Color Matching System was launched and the color spectrum was given titles and numbers to make it easy for any industry that worked in color to create an objective Warm Ochre or Toasty Butterscotch. There would be no more guesswork. Using the CMYK process, colors could be duplicated using four inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). The amount of mixing these colors would be be standardized and easy to replicate. In 2001, screen color was also adopted, using the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color model.

In 2000, Pantone began announcing a Color of the Year. Twice each year, the company hosts secret meetings and collects input from representatives of various nations on what color will best represent the next year. The color is based on the meta of the current times and is a topical representation of how we collectively view color. Color is one language we all speak. The Color of the Year is infused with a global sense of what color represents every culture.

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Bead Mix

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Bead Mix

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Bead Mix

From their iconic Color of the Year to their elaborate color systems,  Pantone is the authority on color. Pantone leads the way in graphic design, fashion, and beauty. Their color choices are part of the tapestry of our lives. This stunning bead mix is a color match from the 2020 Fall/ Winter Pantone palette. We color matched these delightful colors from Pantone: Fired Brick (Garnet), Sleet (Tanzanite), Blue Depths (Dark Blue Lapis), and Military Olive (Antique Brass). You can find a quad wire collection on our site that complements our Pantone Bead collections. This bead mix is ready for your most elegant fall and holiday jewelry design ideas.

Color Match Your Beading Wire

Soft Flex Company has always taken color matching seriously. For almost thirty years, we have manufactured wire that is as elegant and colorful as the jewelry it is made to string. We believe that wire should not be hidden in a jewelry design, but incorporated into the piece as a whole. We have crafted a spectrum of color that will make your jewelry stand out. Soft Flex Beading Wire is meant to be exposed. Color gives a designer options. There is no longer a need to conceal every inch of the beading wire and hope it is not too exposed at the crimp. Color means that you can show all of your wire. This is ideal for illusion jewelry where large segments of wire are completely exposed. Color is perfect for braiding, weaving, and macrame. Don't settle for dull wire when you can design with color in mind.

We make it easy to be mindful of color. We offer single spools of color if you have a favorite. We also offer color sets. Trios Beading Wire collections are sets of three spools of beading wire. We put these colors together to fit moods, holidays, and to celebrate our mystery themed jewelry design kits. If you want to make jewelry that evokes a mood of Halloween fright, our Black Magic Trios are perfect for your holiday kit. If you envision a necklace inspired by calming energy, our Tranquility collection will take your away!

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Color-Military Olive Jewelry by Kristen Fagan

Be an explorer and fill your crafts with the living spectrum of glorious color!

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Color - Military Olive

We took some artistic liberty with Military Olive. We have deep greens and bright greens in our beading wire color palette. But we felt like our Antique Brass was the most amazing match with this color. Antique Brass gives Military Olive beads a rich earthy look. The two tones really complement each other. This delicious mix makes for a stunning retro look. You could add a handmade woven rattan pendant and get a real Boho Style. A tassel is also a great anchor for a gorgeous design. This is perfect for a dusky fall day!

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Color-Military Olive Jewelry by Kristen Fagan

The warm organic look of this colorway is great for a blustery fall jewelry set. This selection is also great for the holidays. The green and brassy tones are reminiscent of a beautiful full Fir or Cedar, standing in a cozy living room. It is a great choice for jewelry that looks forward to a spring vibe too. So many options!

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Color-Military Olive Jewelry by Kristen Fagan

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Color - Blue Depths

Blue Depths was a perfect color match with our Dark Blue Lapis. This wonderful tone is the bottomless Mariana Trench. It is the apex of atmosphere where sky touches space. It is the cold innocence of a baby's eyes. Blue Depths is versatile, it is a breezy summer necklace on a quiet beach. Or it is a cold and stark bracelet on the wrist of a chilly Ice Queen.

Tranquility Necklace

Don't be afraid to mix with other colors. We think a gorgeous pairing is mixing Blue Depths with the cooler blue tone of Sleet. You can create multi-strand necklaces that use other colors as complements or even braid and macrame your beading wire. There is a rich tone to jewelry that uses color playfully.

Tranquility Necklace

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Color - Fired Brick

Garnet And Glitz Necklace

Fired Brick aligns magnificently with our Garnet color beading wire. This is another fabulous color choice for fall or expressive holiday jewelry and decor. Pair this tone with Military Olive for handmade ornaments and crafts. Pair it with the exciting bling of golds and silvers for the braided necklace shown. This beautiful color is a solid complement to an earthy brown fall necklace. The decadent color of a roaring hearth and the fiery passion of a Valentine's Day, Fired Brick is a timeless tone that will never go out of style.

Garnet And Glitz Necklace 12

Fired Brick is luscious choice for illusion jewelry where the beading wire is exposed for much of the design. It is also a supreme color option for an earring made with beading wire. Add this tone to your beading supplies and you will always have a radiant element to add to a jewelry design.

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Color - Sleet

Sleet is the color of our Tanzanite beading wire. Sleet is the cold rain sheeting across the wet pavement. Sleet is the soft sleeve of a denim shirt. Sleet is the perfect summer sky and the untainted shore of a cold mountain lake. This wonderful color is the muted and quiet complement to Blue Depths. Both colors are similar, but they express different feelings. We also loved the look of Sleet with our White Quartz. These two colors are fantastic for a chilly pair of earrings.

This color has enough character to stand on it's own. But it is so wonderful as a voice in a chorus of colors. Sleet will look amazing with bone and wood on sun burned skin on a hot summer morning. Sleet evokes a cold morning under warm blankets. How does this color make you feel?

Tranquility Earrings 

Pantone Color Beaded Icicles For Christmas And Hanukkah

We have  Christmas ornaments and Hanukkah decoration ideas. We have a video that will show you how to make holiday icicles. This is an easy design that even a beginner can master. Just follow Sara's gentle instructions. You are going to love our bead mixes and bead strands. We have a 2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Bead Mix that covers the spectrum and bead strands for a particular color. You are going to have a fashion forward house for the holidays if you use this eye catching palette. Our bead mixes are limited on our shelves and you cannot find them elsewhere. Make sure you grab them when you can!

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Beaded Icicle Ornaments by Sara Oehler

Look at these wonderful  bead strands! They are great for a beginner. You can buy one and string it as is for a perfect bracelet. You can string an illusion necklace with a complementary wire. You can use the strands for homemade ornaments and icicles. Or you can just add the beads to your jewelry making supplies.

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Beaded Icicle Ornaments by Sara Oehler

The cold winter chill has left snowflake charms amongst the dazzling beads in these  strands. Each little bundle is full of winter surprises. These beads stir up so much nostalgia. Stringing a necklace is going to make you feel like a hopeful child in a cozy winter house!

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Beaded Icicle Ornaments by Sara Oehler

Follow along. Buy a bead strand or bead mix and some Craft Wire and these icicles can be finished in minutes. Add them to a decorated tree. The beads will catch the light and your room will radiate with a glittering glow.

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Beaded Icicle Ornaments by Sara Oehler

Sara used Craft Wire to create these enchanting icicles. You can also turn a smaller icicle into a stunning  Pantone color pendant for your winter wardrobe. You most fashionable friends would love icicles attached to the gift wrap on their presents. Hang them around the house of gift them to loved ones. Make it a Pantone Christmas!

2020 Fall/Winter Pantone Beaded Icicle Ornaments by Sara Oehler

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