Spotlight On Our VIB Jewelry Making Community: Designer Janet Boyer

Our VIB jewelry making community is full of creative crafters and uncommon artists. Talented jewelry designers from all over the world post their creations daily. It is an exciting hub of inspirational media and educational messages. Today, we are putting the spotlight on one designer, Janet Boyer. Janet is a maker of many talents. She has been an interior decorator, a book reviewer, award winning cook and tarot author, expert, deck co-creator. She did not think jewelry making was going to be a part of the journey as she suffers with tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. But she found that her hands were as talented and resilient as her mind. Learn more about Janet's passion for creating art and where you can buy her works, in today's blog!

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Spotlight On Jewelry Maker Janet Boyer

Spotlight On Our VIB Jewelry Making Community/ Designer Janet Boyer Collage

Meet Janet Boyer YouTube Jewelry Designer And Owner Of Chez Boyer

Janet Boyer

When my first husband of seven years died from leukemia in 1996, I decided to take a creative plunge and become an interior decorator. Ever since then, the Muse has led me to myriad creative places!

Bead Spider by Janet Boyer

Flower Bracelet by Janet Boyer

In the early 2000s, I started a website and began to write articles and reviews, some of which were published in print magazines. By 2010, I had over 1000 reviews to my name and I was named an Hall of Fame Reviewer.

Cat Ornaments by Janet Boyer

Around 2006, I became a Tarot expert and ended up writing five books: Back in Time Tarot (2008, Hampton Roads), Tarot in Reverse (2012, Schiffer Publishing) and Naked Tarot (2018, Dodona Books).

Janet & Ron Boyer

My current husband of 25 years, Ron, is an artist -- so we teamed up to create two Tarot decks: the Snowland Deck (2012) and the Coffee Tarot (2019). I wrote the companion books to both decks, as well.

Fall Bracelet by Janet Boyer

It was around that time I became burned out on writing. So. Many. Words! And I burned out on the social media requirements facing a niche writer. My brain was fried!

Fall Necklace by Janet Boyer

I had always loved jewelry and admired artisans who made lovely pieces. Because I have chronic tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome -- not to mention the fact that I thought I wasn't "crafty" or creative with my hands -- I didn't think I could make jewelry.

Heart Necklace by Janet Boyer

So I began to make things with buttons: button fridge magnets, rings, Christmas tree ornaments, and more.

And yet, the beads and baubles at craft stores beguiled my clueless self! Hubby says buttons were my "gateway drug". Ha! I ended up watching YouTube tutorials and decided to buy some memory wire, beads, pliers and other tools. I watched and re-watched demonstration videos - thank you, YouTubers! My hands ached, and were often numb, but I was determined I could do this!

Ice Cream Necklace by Janet Boyer

After a lot of bead dropping and cussing (still doing both, I might add), I began to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings! YAY! We already had a family Etsy Store (, but we only sold our decks and companion books there. We also sold my hubby's original art and our son's hand-sewn bags (yep, he's creative, too!). I couldn't believe I was making jewelry -- the kind of pieces that I would love to wear.

Mosaic Necklace by Janet Boyer

One of the reasons I love making jewelry is because of the colors and textures of bead; it's like working with candy!

Owl Bracelet by Janet Boyer

So I began listing my pieces on Etsy and here I am around four years later -- hundreds of my pieces sitting in our shop. I've sold jewelry at some in-person venues, but truth be told, I'd rather stay home.

Paperclip Dangles by Janet Boyer

Two years ago, I became interested in paper crafts, so I've been making hand-sewn "junk" and art journals, ATCs/ACEOs, bookmarks, ephemera, and mixed media pieces. As a jewelry cross-over, I also make bejeweled ribbon tassels for journal spines.

Scooby Doo Earrings by Janet Boyer

Hands down, Soft Flex Company is my favorite jewelry supply place. I also love their creative online community (VIB FB Group). I love the monthly design kits, as well as the quality of Soft Flex colored wire, crimps and tools -- not to mention the friendliness of the staff. The VIB Group is such a relaxing, fun community -- and the creativity I see from my fellow designers is so inspiring. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more encouraging bunch!

Spider Earrings by Janet Boyer

I do show-and-tell videos on my YouTube channel, as well as some unboxings.

I don't do tutorials because I'd cuss too much - The Salty Beader, anyone? Feel free to subscribe to my channel, and stop on by our family Etsy store. Maybe you'll find something that inspires you!

Janet Boyer with Husband, Son & Mother

Janet Boyer Unboxes Soft Flex Design Kits

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