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20 Count 20mm Blue Faux Pearl Rounds (Sale)

$36.40 On Sale
Size: 20mm-L x 20mm-W x 20mm-DQty: 20 Beads / Length: 16 in.Weight: 248.9 g.   Faux Pearls are a man made design with the luster and beauty of Pearls created naturally. Their creation is not organic, but they still have a wonderful radiance that...
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23 Count Graduated Aquamarine Coins (Sale)

$273.00 On Sale
Size Large: 36mm-L x 36mm-W x 5mm-DSize Small: 24mm-L x 24mm-W x 5mm-DQty: 23 Beads / Length: 26 in.Weight: 169 g.   Aquamarine is named for it's seawater color. The color spectrum of the stone can range from digital green to a muted grass. This...
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