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100 Count 4-6mm Chrysoprase Faceted Briolette (Sale)

$74.90 On Sale
Size Large: 6mm-L x 4mm-W x 4mm-DSize Small: 4mm-L x 3mm-W x 3mm-DQty: 100 Beads / Length: 8 in.Weight: 11.6 g.   Chrysoprase is considered the most valuable stone in the chalcedony group. It has been used for interior decoration in the Wenceslaus...
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2 Count 14x8mm Green Amethyst Briolettes (Sale)

$36.40 On Sale
Size: 14mm-L x 8mm-W x 8mm-DQty: 2 Beads / Length: .25 in.Weight: 13 ct.   Amethyst is the February/Aquarius birthstone. It is known for spiritual upliftment and helpful in communicating effectively. In ancient times, amethyst was thought to have...
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2 Count 9x5mm Peridot Briolettes (Sale)

$30.80 On Sale
Size: 9mm-L x 5mm-W x 5mm-DQty: 2 Beads / Length: .50 in.Weight: 4 Carats   The name Peridot is thought to have been derived from the word "faridot", gem in Arabic. It was the most popular during the Baroque Period. The largest Peridot weighs 319...
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