How To Make A Connector


Step 1: Using a pair of Round Nose Pliers, take your wire and make a right angle.


Step 2: Next, using your pliers as a “form,” gently wrap your wire from the base around the form, using your fingers or Chain Nose Pliers.


Step 3: As needed, adjust your pliers to allow the wire to make a complete circle as the tail of the wire comes up next to the right angle. You should now have a complete circle, and the tail should be ready to make a coil. (NOTE: Before doing step 4, you would secure your chain, clasps, etc at this point.)


Step 4: Hold your circle with pliers in one hand to keep if from bending or being mis-shaped while you make your coil. In the other hand, using your chain nose pliers, take the tail end of the wire and wrap it firmly around the shank, making horizontal coils. Usually, 2 coils looks the best, but it is completely your preference to use more or less coils. Snip the end of the wire off and bend the end down with pliers, if necessary.


Step 5: You should now have a completed wire wrapped loop that looks like Photo # 5.


Step 6: Next, place your bead onto the shank. You are going to repeat steps 1 through 5 for the opposite end of the wire (photos 7 – 11). This will make it so that you can connect the piece at both ends.

connector-step8.jpg connector-step9.jpg connector-step10.jpg connector-step11.jpg