How To Use Colored Beading Wire

Soft Flex® beading wire in colors: Using colored Soft Flex beading wire should not be intimidating. A color can really liven up an average, ordinary design. Soft Flex beading wire in colors has opened up a whole new world for designers as the wire itself can now be used as part of the design. A strand of colored Soft Flex beading wire does not drastically change the coloring of a bead. However, it does add and enhance the color. Don't be afraid to leave a little wire showing, much like the invisible necklaces, but with a nice color of Soft Flex beading wire! We offer a rainbow of colors.
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Trios™ Color Wire Variety Packs: Apply color theory to your next design. Create jewelry with color mixing in mind. Soft Flex Trios color beading wire packs are designed to offer a vivid palette of fun colors.  Each set is comprised of three 10 foot spools of .019/Medium diameter Soft Flex Beading Wire. The wire spools are available in the classic colors of gemstones and take their name from the stone they represent.  The purpose of Soft Flex Company's Trios is to make it easy to design with a motif or gemstone in mind.
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Is there a clear Soft Flex® Beading Wire? Soft Flex Beading Wire is made from marine-quality stainless steel; therefore, we are unable to produce a true Soft Flex Beading Wire that is clear. If you are looking to design an illusion necklace or are concerned about the wire showing through translucent stones, we do have solutions. Check out the many colors Soft Flex is available in, perfect for complementing a stone, rather than being a distraction. If you want a neutral wire for an illusion necklace, try our steel-toned wire, it is a satin silver colored nylon coated wire.

Designer Tip: When you expose your beading wire in a design, there is the added advantage of using less beads in your design. This tip is great for using up those multiple types of "onesie / twosie beads" that everyone seems to have laying around.

We have lots of inspirational free project ideas online using colored beading wire.

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