100 Count 6mm Plum Colored Bamboo Rounds (Sale)

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Size: 6mm-L x 6mm-W x 6mm-D
Qty: 100 Beads / Length: 19 in.
Weight: 6 g.


Bamboo is a versatile and playful bead. Great for an assortment of jewelry designs. As it is derived from an organic source, each bead is unique. Bamboo has an abundance of uses and is the fastest growing plant on Earth. It's strength and light weight has lead to its use in construction. It is used medicinally in China and India. Many countries add elements of bamboo to the kitchen, it can be used in wines, teas and many dishes. Design your next necklace with this fun bead!

Janka Rating: 1380

Bamboo outer walls are covered with Silica, the same element that creates Quartz Crystal therefore having the same properties. Quartz (Clear/White) represents Purity. Quartz works well with the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. It helps purify us physically, emotionally, and spiritually aligning energy and bringing you into a state of harmony. Bamboo sticks are being used in massage therapy because their unique properties are passed to the client creating healing, balance, & restoration.