Knitting Spool (Price Varies)

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Height 1.88
Width 1.88
Depth 6.40
Size Required

A timeless tradition that many will recall learning as a child has returned. The knitting spool you may have used with yarn or thread as a youngster has been reimagined for wire weaving. Try knitting using Soft Flex© Craft Wire, Soft Flex© Beading Wire as well as thread, cord, yarn, leather, etc. You can add beads. You can weave multiple and different materials together and create unique, one-of-a-kind, bracelets and necklaces. Not only are there three different styles of knitting spools available (3-pin, 4-pin and 5-pin), but there are several different ways to knit on each spool.

Note: The knitting spool works with copper or sterling silver wire, gauges 24-28. Any of our 4 diameters of beading wire can be knitted.