Which Diameter Should I Use?


There are 4 diameters available in our bead stringing wire. It is important that you choose the correct one for your needs. Most problems with stringing occur when someone is using the wrong diameter for the type of beads that they are using in their design. The best rule of thumb is to use the thickest wire that will fit under your beads.

Very Fine .010 (only available in Soft Touch and Econoflex Wire) is constructed of 7 micro stainless steel wires. As soft as thread, with the strength of steel. This diameter is widely used for illusion style necklaces. The 1mm Soft Flex Crimp Tube is typically recommended for diameter .010 in Soft Touch and should be crimped with the Micro Crimping Pliers.
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Fine .014 is designed for softer, less abrasive materials such as freshwater pearls and seed beads. Diameter .014 offers the softness and flexibility of pearl stringing threads yet has the strength of stainless steel.
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Medium .019 was designed for use with small to medium glass beads, Austrian crystals, silver, pewter, 80% of freshwater pearls and seed beads. Recommended when you are designing with a variety of materials.
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Heavy .024 was designed for abrasive materials and designs that will meet excessive movement such as watchbands and bracelets. It's great for multi-strand designs, African trade beads and large stones.
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