12 Count Graduated Beryl Multifaceted Rondelles

Soft Flex
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Size Large: 7mm-L x 5mm-W x 5mm-D
Size Small: 5mm-L x 3mm-W x 3mm-D
Qty: 12 Beads / Length: 2 in.
Weight: 3.2 g.


Beryl's varities include Emerald, Morganite and Aquamarine. Pure, natural, Beryl is colorless and clear. It takes it's colors from impurities in the mineral (iron and other elements can change it's tone). Beryl's purest and most translucent form is called Goshenite.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 7.5-8

Beryl (clear/bluish-grey) is helpful in clearing and aligning all chakras, bringing balance. Beryl is a stone of truthfulness enhancing intellectual stimulation, self-control, and practical wisdom aiding in decision making, and communication. Beryl resonates with the Astrological sign Sagittarius.