23x19mm Antique Silver Plated Pewter Crescent Moon Blank (Closeout)

Soft Flex
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Size: 23x19mm
Qty: 1 Blank

Are you a stargazer? This celestial friend honors our favorite natural satellite. Add this heavenly neighbor to your beading supplies. This stunning crescent is full of childhood nostalgia - our warm breath fogging a cold window as we watched the glowing titan above. The moon is a beacon we all look to find as it rises across the sky. The moon has always been seen as a feminine force. It signifies change, creativity and female empowermentWe celebrate its phases through shared mythology.  Is there a James Webb Telescope fan in your family? Show your NASA pride with this wonderful blank!

Each artisan element is created with hand crafted detail and cast from solid pewter. These exquisite castings show each stroke of the hammer that was used to design them. To ensure longevity in your designs, each finding is plated using 3-5 mils of sterling silver precious metal (HEAVY plating), with a flexible finish, designed to be shaped and formed.

Note: Pure silver will not tarnish, but it is too soft to use in jewelry making. All of the silver we carry will tarnish over time. This will not harm the metal and can be easily cleaned with a polishing cloth.