5 Count Varied Size Natural Tektite Rough Nuggets

Soft Flex
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Size: Large 35mm-L x 20mm-W x 14mm-D
Size Small: 22mm-L x 10mm-W x 8mm-D
Qty: 5 Beads / Length: 2.25 in.
Weight: 25 g.


Tektite is derived from a Greek word meaning molten. Tektite is similar to glass ejected from volcanoes but is actually created when an extraterrestrial stone falls from the heavens. Tektite is found, most commonly, near impact craters. It is formed when Earth elements are super heated from the blast of the falling matter.

Add an otherworldly stone to your collection!

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 5.5

Tektite (black) represents the root chakra which is positioned at the base of the spine. Tektite helps bring knowledge, and wisdom, it is helpful when dealing with emotional and mental challenges. Tektite aides in grounding one's energy field while strengthening it at the same time. Tektite is a birthstone of no month, yet resonates with most Astrological Signs.