6 Count Varied Sizes Black Spinel Faceted Ellipses

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Size Large: 18mm-L x 7mm-W x 4mm-D
Size Small: 13mm-L x 7mm-W x 5mm-D
Qty: 6 Beads / Length: 1.75 in.
Weight: 6 g.


Spinel is a vibrantly colored mineral that has historically been used in place of rubies. Its luster and appearance are similar enough to rubies that they have often been mistaken as such. Spinel has found its way onto the crowns and battle helmets of kings and queens. Spinel has quietly made a name for itself under the shadow of the more expensive ruby. Its durability and wonderful spectrum of vivid color lends itself to any beautiful design.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 8

Multicolor Spinel (multi) represents the root, sacral solar plexus, heart, throat, and the crown chakras. These are all great colors for an over all balancing. Multicolor Spinel helps clarify thoughts, creative ideas, and has a calming effect. Multicolor Spinel is a birthstone of no month, yet resonates with the Astrological sign Sagittarius.