78 Count Varied Size Prehnite Faceted Top Drill Briolettes

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Size Large: 9mm-L x 5mm-W x 4mm-D
Size Small: 7mm-L x 5mm-W x 3mm-D
Qty: 78 Beads / Length: 8 in.
Weight: 16.1 g.


Prehnite is named for the mineralogist that is credited for discovering it - Dutch Colonel, Hendrik Von Prehn. Prehnite has a delicious yellow or green color and often a pearly luster. Prehnite was first discovered at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa but has been found across the globe.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 6-6.5

Prehnite (yellowish-green) can represent the solar plexus & heart chakras. Prehnite is a protective stone; it helps ease worries and restlessness, bringing on calming energies, while stimulating inner-knowing. Prehnite aids in remembering and understanding ones dreams. Prehnite is a birthstone of no month, yet resonates with the Astrological Sign of Libra.