9 Wire Wrapped Jewelry Projects For Spring

Spring is here! It is time to brighten your wardrobe with floral jewelry and accessories.  Soft Flex Craft Wire is a fun way to usher in the new season. We have 9 wire wrap jewelry project ideas for you. Crown yourself the queen of spring with a lively flower crown. Learn how to make wire wrapped rings and earrings. Create a wire dragonfly with rainbow beads to evoke the excitement of the brightest months of the year. Let's celebrate spring with Soft Flex Craft Wire!

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If you need spring jewelry project ideas, we have a colorful collection of videos that will liven your jewelry drawers and brighten your days! Learn how to make a DIY flower crown, Learn how to wire wrap a stone and add it to your next necklace. Soak in some flower power and add a bouquet of earrings that will add a playful touch to your March morning. Ring in spring with a colorful new necklace!

Jewelry Making Videos

9 Wire Wrapped Jewelry Projects For Spring Collage

What Is Soft Flex Craft Wire?

Shop Craft Wire!

Shop Craft Wire!

Soft Flex Craft Wire is a high quality, permanently colored copper wire. It is resistant to scratching, peeling and marring. This is due to the special enameling process used to coat the wire to produce the wide spectrum of colors we offer. After the enamel is applied, the wire is then clear coated to prevent tarnishing. Bare Copper is the only wire in the line that is not treated. If antiques and old findings are your medium, Bare Copper will patina - perfect for making that new project look like an heirloom. Add a skeleton key to a bare copper wire for an instant vintage focal with your own signature wire wrap.

Quality Soft Flex Craft Wire is 100% lead and nickel free. There are no other metals used in the wire production other than copper and fine silver. The temper of the wire is soft. It can be tempered to half hard. If you need to harden up your wire for ear wires or other findings, you may use a nylon hammer or wire whacker to work harden your project. Using a nylon hammer or wire whacker will allow the wire to work harden without marring or flattening the wire. An exceptional design idea deserves a professional craft wire.

How To Make Flower Crowns With Soft Flex Craft Wire

Crown yourself the queen of spring with this easy-to-make DIY flower crown. Kristen used faux flowers that she found at a dollar store and a bead strand from our store. This is the perfect accessory for a free spirit or spring and summer lover. Flower crowns make everything more fun!

Wire Wrapped Flower Crown with Soft Flex Craft Wire by Kristen Fagan

This is a great project for a beginner. The crown is meant to look organic, which means that your wire wrapping does not have to be perfect. It does not even have to be symmetrical. Add messy wrap closures and texture the wire with your fingers. It is a playful project for playful designers that like to make their own rules when they make jewelry. Be fearless and make a crown that appeals to you!

Wire Wrapped Flower Crown with Soft Flex Craft Wire by Kristen Fagan

Wire Wrapped Leaves & Czech Glass Flower Garden Pendant 

This is a great jewelry making project for anybody that wants to add new techniques to their crafting talents. Kristen showed us how to make necklace with a sliding knot to adjust length. She wire wraps leaves into her necklace and adds a pendant full of Czech Glass flowers to complete the spring look.

Video link for the Sliding Knot Tutorial

Learn how to make a sliding knot to finish a necklace. This knot is simple to master. A sliding knot makes it easy to adjust the length of a design. Want a longer necklace? Simply bring your sliding knots together. Want a shorter design? Pull your sliding knots apart and the length will shorten. This is a fantastic way to make adjustments as you see fit without restringing.

Sliding Knot Necklace With Czech Glass Flower Garden Pendant And Wire Wrapped Leaves by Kristen Fagan

TGBE Video link for Christi Freisen's Spring Fling Pendant

Want to learn how to make the pendant? Our friend Christi Freisen is a master of clay. She has a wonderful website full of tutorials, workshops, finished designs, and craft products. Explore her amazing world and learn how to master a new hobby!

Sliding Knot Necklace With Czech Glass Flower Garden Pendant And Wire Wrapped Leaves by Kristen Fagan

How to Make Wire Wrapped Bird Nest Earrings

Nealay Patel, owner of  SilverSilk & More, has a store full of innovative and exciting jewelry products and beading supplies. His SilverSilk chain is an outstanding choice to pair with Soft Flex Craft Wire or beading wire. If you love mixed media jewelry as much as we do, you are going to want to add his wonderful chain to your collection!

These amazing wire wrapped nests are so cute and ideal for a fun spring look. And fun can still be sophisticated and elegant! If you would like to take an even deeper dive into wire wrapped bird nests, check out: 

James Browning's Bird Nests

SilverSilk & Craft Wire Bird Nest Earrings by Nealay Patel

How To Make A Captured Bead Ring Using Craft Wire

Ring in spring with wire wrapped rings! These rings look amazing and are so easy to put together. Follow  James Browning as he explains how to add spirals and details. If you are a beginner, the best advice to know before beginning a project like this is that if you are patient and work slowly and consciously, you can course correct and fix mistakes before they get unfixable. Be patient and you can tackle any project with Soft Flex Craft Wire!

If you crave variety, these rings are perfect additions to your jewelry box. Simple changes turn each ring into a unique piece of jewelry. Change the wire color and you have a new look. Change the size, shape or color of the bead and you have a new focal.

Learn How To Make Wire Wrapped Earrings

Cassandra Spicer, from Beads to Live By, joined Sara and Kristen for one of our famous beading parties. Cassandra taught us how to make wire wrapped earrings in this video. Pick a colorway and explore! Most of the work on these earrings are easy to finish with fingers. You will need pliers for more of the finer detailing and closing, but this project is easy enough for a beginner or novice wire worker.

Be adventurous and make your earrings as colorful as a spring garden!

Bohemian Chandelier Wire Wrapped Earrings by Cassandra Spicer Of Beads To Live By

Make A Necklace With A Handmade Pendant Using 2 Hole Beads & Craft Wire

Danielle Wickes, of John Bead, joined us for a beading party. She wanted to recreate a necklace that Kristen designed. Kristen's necklace graced the cover of the book that she and Sara wrote - Seed Bead Revolution. The book is an amazing collection of seed bead jewelry projects. It is available on Amazon if it is not already in your library at home.

Seed Bead Revolution inspired jewelry by Danielle Wickes

The focal of the necklace is a loop. You can add a dangle here or use a stylish connector. For her design, Danielle created a loop with Craft Wire. She used a mandrel to size the loop. If you do not have a mandrel on hand, you can always improvise - just wrap your wire around a object that is the size you want and then remove the wire and work harden it so it retains the shape. Get creative!

Learn How To Make Dragonfly Wire Art With Craft Wire & Rainbow Beads

We have a lot of fun at the Great Bead Extravaganza Facebook group. Events like this 'take over' keep the group fresh and exciting throughout the year. A take over is when a company gets to feature whatever videos and sales they like during a given day, before the big bead show begins. During our take over day, Sara and Kristen spent some quality time make crafts with Soft Flex Craft Wire. Sara got on a dragonfly kick and made a beaded little bug and Kristen made a gorgeous necklace with TierraCast components.

Craft Wire Beaded Dragonfly by Sara Oehler

DIY Spiral Earrings Using Craft Wire And A WigJig Jewelry Jig

Kristen is our favorite free spirit beader. You can catch her live episodes on YouTube on Mondays. Want colorful ideas for earrings this season? These funky spiral earrings are perfect for spring. Add your choice of color popping beads and a bright craft wire and you have a fun project! WigJig wire jigs make this craft even easier. Using a WigJig will ensure that all of your earrings are the same size and shape - if you use a template. If you sell your jewelry, this is a great way to duplicate your designs at will and make an inventory of like earrings to stock your shelves.

WigJig Spiral Earrings by Kristen Fagan

Learn How To Wire Wrap A Gemstone To Create A Pendant

Kay Goss, from Star's Beads and Beadorea, showed how to make a wire wrapped pendant using Soft Flex Craft Wire. Learning how to wire wrap a gemstone or bead is a great way to expand your jewelry talents. Wire wrapping a stone will ensure that your necklace is one of a kind. It is also a great way to string a stone with no drilled channels, your wire work will allow you to add support for the bead to become a focal or chained bead.

Wire Wrapped Craft Wire Copper Pendant by Kay Goss

Join our Facebook group – VIB. Stay in the know. Stay up to date. From our bead shows to our video shows and sales, you can stay in touch with us. The community is full of artistic and helpful beaders and crafty people. Inspire and be inspired. Share your pictures and get the beading bug from others!

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