Beading Pajama Party And Jewelry Making Ideas

Sara and Kristen visited the Jewelry Television studio and filmed an episode of JTV’s jewelry making show ‘Jewel School’. Afterward, they decided it would be fun to have a pajama party at the hotel and discuss their book, Seed Bead Revolution. They ended up playing with a Knotty Do-It-All and made some beaded goodies. It was a great night of beading for the two ladies and their Facebook live show viewers.

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Sara and Kristen start the video after a long day at JTV. It is the first time Kristen has been in a studio and her first time on television. The two start off commenting how the tripod holding the camera is casting shadows on Kristen’s face. The solution is a selfie light that Sara has, Sara says Knotty Do-It-All creator Sandra Younger loves the light. Sara and Kristen comment that they are in pajamas and ready for bed – even though they are both wearing earrings. They figured they should have a little jewelry on.

Sara says they are going to recap the events of the day. They are excited to let everybody know how it went. They have a Knotty Do-It-All board that Sara is going to use for a jewelry project with Soft Flex Beading Wire. Kristen has some earring designs she is excited to show off. She uses Jesse James Beads for the earrings and is offering a coupon code for Jesse James website. She says they will wrap up the video showcasing products and items that are available for purchase through Jewel School while they are filming in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Kristen says her visit to the set was fun. She got to do some training the first day and would be filming tomorrow. Sara had already been to Jewelry Television studios in the past and filmed shows there. The pair signed 350 copies of their new book, Seed Bead Revolution, that day. They also, somehow, forgot to have an extra copy on hand for the show in the hotel room. The book is available on Jesse James website, JTV’s site and Soft Flex Company’s site, she says. The two had a good laugh about not having a book on hand. The two say hello to Kristen’s husband Bert when he joins the stream on Facebook. Bert is back home with the kids.

Sara shows a weaving project she did on Jewel School. The project was one of the 32 fun jewelry designs in Seed Bead Revolution. It is a woven design using Soft Touch .010 diameter beading wire (Very Fine). Sara says the earring is so easy to make and the design can be turned into an earring or bracelet.

A viewer complements Kristen on her choice of pajamas. Kristen says that if any viewers can guess the three Soft Flex beading wire colors that are the most similar to the colors in her PJs, she will give that lucky viewer a free copy of Seed Bead Revolution. 

Sara shows a necklace she made that is in the latest issue of Beadwork magazine. The style is similar to the necklace she made on Jewel School. The necklace is in the ‘Quick and Easy’ section. The red seed beads she used make it a fun little holiday necklace, but the piece can be strung with any color beads that the beader fancies. The part of that necklace that is woven uses Soft Touch Beading Wire .010 diameter in black. The rest of the necklace is strung with .019 diameter Soft Flex Extreme in 925 Sterling Silver. Kristen says that any color of wire can be used. You are not stuck with two colors for that specific design.

Sara shows a beaded star she made with .010 diameter. The star is a small woven bead that would be a great focal piece or highlight on a piece of jewelry. Sara says there is so much you can do with the .010 diameter if you like weaving. The .010 (Very Fine) diameter is a thread we manufacture for weaving, stitching, embellishing, and knitting – it is a fantastic thread replacement. It is constructed of marine quality stainless steel, but has the drape and softness of thread.

Sara moves the camera over to her Knotty Do-It-All board. She has the larger version of the board. Sara shows off jewelry she made with the board. The jewelry is beaded and knotted between the beads. She shows a necklace made with Czech Glass beads from the JTV bead kit. 

Sara shows the Knotty Do-It-All board. She shows the inch markers that are convenient for determining length of the design. There are clips to aid in the jewelry making process. She takes three strands of Soft Flex Extreme 925 Sterling Silver and crimps one of the strands into a lobster clasp. She uses a pair of Magical Crimping Pliers to make the crimp into a rounded bead. She attaches the crimped clasp into a clip on the Knotty Do-It-All board. She clips a Beadstopper onto the other end and clips that onto the board. The .014 diameter beading wire she is working with is now taut on the board. She uses the free strands that are not clipped into the board and she starts knotting the wire against the beads. 

Sara knots some beads onto her jewelry. She says the height of the clips on the Knotty Do-It-All board makes it easy to work around the beading wire. She says it is similar to a macramé board but even more convenient with all of the room to work around the beads. She says she loves braiding with the Knotty Do-It-All board too. She says braiding Soft Flex is as easy as braiding hair. She says she uses the Beadstopper to hold the wire if she wants to take a break.

Sara shows off some designs Knotty Do-It-All creator Sandra Younger created with her Knotty Do-It-All. Sandra loves Soft Flex and has made a bunch of designs using our wire. Sometimes, she macramés over the Soft Flex wire because she knows that stainless steel beading wire will be stronger than cord and make the piece, as a whole, much stronger.

Watch the rest of the video and get some jewelry making hints and tips! 

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