DIY Eclectic & Kitschy Painted Jewelry Inspired by Jennifer Perkins

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DIY Kitschy Painted Pendant Necklace Inspired by Jennifer Perkins

This week on Free Spirit Beading with Kristen Fagan, I crafted a fun, eclectic necklace! I painted an awesome wooden pendant and beads with Jennifer Perkins at Craftcation. Jennifer inspires you to have fun, be colorful and embrace a kitschy style! I gathered an eclectic mix of beads from to design with. See how I create an electric and kitschy styled piece of jewelry! After, check out a matching pair of earrings I made on our Instagram reels.  


Soft Flex Beading Wire, .019 Diameter

4mm Fire Polish Czech Glass Beads

Turquoise Turbine Czech Glass Beads

Melon Drop Czech Glass Beads

Striped Bamboo Beads

Mixed Bead Strand, Moroccan

Wood Pendant and Focal Bead

2x2mm Crimp Tubes

Crimping Pliers


I found a way to close the gap a bit on the big knots of the necklace. Using a pair of chain nose pliers I closed the bead cap around the wire creating a filigree style tube! I was pretty happy with this work around. What do you think?

To finish the necklace without a clasp, I strung a crimp tube, turbine bead, crimp tube on one side and fed the other side wire back through them. I then secured the crimps on either side of the bead and trim excess wire. Clean look without the need for a clasp and the two crimps give my design a bit extra security.

Here are the matching pair of earrings I made, check out the quick tutorial on our Instagram reels.

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Kristen Fagan is a Website Graphic Designer and Jewelry Making Educator for Soft Flex® Company. She is the co-author of Seed Bead Revolution, an artist and creativity guide. She lives in Arizona with her husband, their two sons and two dogs. When she's not painting, drawing or beading, she enjoys reading, yoga, exploring the outdoors and traveling. Her favorite stones are Turquoise and Quartz, and she can't bead without Bead Stoppers. Contact her at or visit her Website | Facebook | Instagram