Free Beading Project Idea: Turquoise And Silver Necklace

Turquoise And Silver Necklace

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Turquoise and Silver Necklace
Designer Jessica L. Rosenfeld
Satin Silver Soft Flex Wire, .024 diameter - 23"
6mm Faceted Blue Howlite Round Bead - 24 pcs
Dyed Blue Howlite Nugget Bead - 12 pcs
11mm Sterling Silver Smooth Barrel Bead - 11 pcs
2x3mm Sterling Silver Crimp Tube - 2 pcs
1 Strand Clasp - 1 set


Skill Level Beginner

Step 1: Use Soft Flex® Flush Cutters to cut about 23 inches of Soft Flex® .024 Wire from the spool (more or less depending on the length you'd like).

Step 2: String one 2mm x 3mm crimp tube and one half of the clasp. Pass the wire back through the crimp tube. Secure using crimping pliers. Use Soft Flex® Flush Cutters to cut off excess wire at the crimp tube.

Step 3: String one 6mm Howlite round, 1 Howlite nugget, one 6mm Howlite round, and 1 sterling silver barrel eleven times (or until you reach your desired necklace length).

Step 4: After the last bead has been strung, string one crimp and the other half of the clasp. Pass back through the crimp tube. Secure using crimping pliers and cut off excess wire at the crimp.

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