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Quick View Black And Gray Hypersthene

Black And Gray Hypersthene

Size: 54mm-L x 17mm-W x 16mm-DQty: 1 Bead / Length: 2 in.Weight: 26.1 g.   Hypersthene has a similar sheen to Bronzite. The name is derived from Greek, meaning "over strength", referring to it's hardness when compared to Hornblende, a mineral it...
Quick View Light Blue Hemimorphite Druzy Slap

Light Blue Hemimorphite Druzy Slap

Size: 45mm-L x 35mm-W x 12mm-DQty: 1 Bead / Length: 1 in.Weight: 31.5 g.   Hemimorphite takes it's name from the Greek words 'hemi' which means half and 'morph' which means shape. Hemimorphite was given the name for the hemimorph development of it's...
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