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Luigi Cattelan's Blue Italian Glass Focal Bead

$26.40 On Sale
Size: 12mm-L x 40mm-W x 12mm-DSize: Hole 4mmQty: 1 BeadWeight: 9 g.   Luigi glass and bead making is not a novelty, but rather a way of life. It's in his blood, his culture, his ancestry, and it's in his economy where he has lived his whole life -...
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5 Count Blue Kyanite Simple Cut Nuggets (Sale)

$21.60 On Sale
Size: Large 13mm-L x 12mm-W x 8mm-DSize Small: 9mm-L x 8mm-W x 6mm-DQty: 5 Beads / Length: 2.25 in.Weight: 9.5 g.   Kyanite means "blue" in Greek, which is the typical color of this stone. This stone is gem quality and is by far one of our favorites...
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