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Green Fluorite Faceted Pear

$33.60 On Sale
Size: 16mm-L x 13mm-W x 9mm-DQty: 1 Bead / Length: .7 in.Weight: 3 g.   Fluorite has a long standing history. Though it is relatively soft, it was used by ancient Egyptians in statues and to carve scarabs. The Chinese have used it in carvings for...
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Green Lodolite Smooth Nugget

$43.20 On Sale
Size: 50mm-L x 35mm-W x 18mm-D Qty: 1 Bead / Length: 1.2 in. Weight: 44 g. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals and comes in many variations. Pliny the Elder theorized that Quartz was created when frozen water became fossilized. This belief was...
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Lemon Chrysoprase Polished Barrel

$12.80 On Sale
Size: 22mm-L x 22mm-W x 18mm-DQty: 1 BeadWeight: 14.4 g.   Chrysoprase is considered the most valuable stone in the chalcedony group. It has been used for interior decoration in the Wenceslaus Chapel in Prague and in Sanssouci Castle New Berlin...
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