Crimp Covers - 4mm (Price Varies)

$1.45 - $278.00
Metal Finish Required
Count Required

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We love the look of a finished crimp. The fold and curl of the metal that tells us our design is safe and secure. But, not everybody appreciates that finish, some designers and collectors would rather not see the nuts and bolts of a piece - crimp covers are the solution to that dilemma.

Our crimp covers are a great highlight to any piece, they come in sterling silver and gold filled.

Note: Not for children under the age of 12.

Product Reviews

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Great quality
Written by Karen on Feb 12th 2021

Some day someone will invent Magical Crimpers for 3mm crimps but until they do, these covers do a great job of coving the 3 mm crimps and making them look finished.

Copper Crimps
Written by Jessica L Croney on Jun 11th 2020

I love the quality and strength of these. I used them to cover the knots on some stretch bracelets. I also oxidized them with liver of sulfur to darken them up. Great product!

Crimp Covers
Written by Virginia Johnston on Aug 7th 2019

These are just the right size and cover well. I use my Crimp Pliers to position them and then close and it takes only a minute