Design Length Information

Length Common Name
7" Bracelet (average length)
10" Anklet (average length)
15" - 17" Choker or Collar
18" Princess
20" - 24" Matinee
28" - 32" Opera
45" or longer Lariat or Rope


When designing chokers to sell, it is a good idea to include a clasp that can be adjustable.

Multi-Strand necklaces have at least two or more strands, and can have as many as nine or ten.

Graduated strand necklaces have several strands, with each strand slightly longer than the one before.

Bracelets are usually made somewhere between 6 1/2-8 inches long, including the clasp. To design a bracelet for someone, measure their wrist and add at least a 1/2 inch.

What diameter of Soft Flex Wire or Soft Touch Wire do I need for a bracelet?

Bracelets withstand an incredible amount of punishment. The bracelet, as it sits on the wrist, can move back and forth. The beads or stones on the piece will roll and move on the arm – if there are any burrs in the channels of your beads, they will tear into your wire. Being that the bracelet is close to the hand, it can snag or pull on objects. This means that when you design a bracelet, you need a strong, durable wire or you will be re-stringing the piece. A good rule of thumb when you design a bracelet or any piece is that you use the largest diameter you can fit through your beads. The wire we suggest and manufacture for bracelets is our heaviest - .024 diameter.

Shop .024 Diameter Heavy Soft Flex and Soft Touch Wire.