Do I Need to Pre-Stretch Beading Wire?


There is a common misconception that beading wire stretches when used for necklaces and bracelets. Soft Flex Beading Wire is comprised of woven strands of stainless steel coated in nylon. It is not the stainless steel that has stretched, so what is it? When a design appears to have stretched and there is more room between the crimp and the final bead than was originally intended, the strands of steel in the braid have pulled tight. This usually only happens when you are using too thin of a diameter for the type of beads or design that you are stringing or if you pull a design too tight when crimping.

There are lots of remedies to pre-stretch the wire to avoid this, but the easiest way is to just use the correct diameter of wire for whatever project you are designing.

Click here to learn about which diameters to use for your project.

To work proactively, string your beads onto the wire. Attach a Bead Stopper on each end of the design and thumbtack the design to the wall, safety pin to a curtain or hang from a door knob. Allow the design to hang for a few days. The weight of the beads should tighten down the woven stainless steel braid, and then you can attach your clasp. Remember to leave a bit of room between your last bead and the final crimp. Don't pull it too tight.