Double Density 6 In Round Kumihimo Disk

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Size: 6in
Can be used with any Soft Flex Wire
Great with .019 for the color selection


Kumihimo means 'gathered threads' in Japanese. It is a form of braiding. Kumihimo braids can be used to create decorative lace, cords, jewelry or clothing accessories.

Historically, Kumihimo braids have been used in Samurai armor and weaponry. The braids were used as a functional knit for their armor pieces. Decoratively, it adorned their horses armor and the handles of their swords.

Modern Kumihimo disks are great for the crafter on the go. We love using our ten foot Soft Flex Color Wire spools as bobbins.

Why double density? The thick size makes holding the disk more secure and less bending occurs. Additional tension increased by thickness is useful also when braiding finer threads and wire.