Exotic Blooms Bead Strand

Soft Flex
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Our Exotic Blooms Bead Strand is inspired by our Exotic Blooms Beading Design Challenge Kit but it is not included in the kit. You can find this bead strand on our website, exclusively.

Exotic Blooms are the spirit of spring! The neon red spathe of the swaying Flamingo Flower illuminates the standing spadix like the backdrop of velvet behind a soulful singer. The striking inflorescence of the Bird of Paradise is the poetry of a crane in flight. The mystical radiance of the Orchid seems poised to create a portal to utopia. The purity of the Lotus survives the muck of the dirtiest pond and blossoms into unblemished joy. The wisdom and perfection of the ancient sun is embodied in the petals of the Chrysanthemum. The fragrance of the vivid Plumeria perfumes the breeze with a symphony of sweet notes. Let's paint our canvas of jewelry with the wisdom of the flower!