Finishing A Single Or Multiple Strand Design

Finishing a single strand design:

We always suggest crimping to finish any Soft Flex® beading wire or Soft Touch™ beading wire design. We manufacture Soft Flex® crimp tubes that are double the wall thickness of most tubes on the market. They are also seamless. They are very durable and look fantastic when crimped with the crimping pliers.
Click for easy to follow crimping instructions.

It is really important that you use the right diameter of wire, a high quality crimp tube and crimp properly with the crimping pliers. With a single strand of .014 or .019, you will use a 2x2mm crimp tube. With a single strand of .024, you will use a 2x3mm crimp tube.

Finally, you will need a single strand clasp.

Finishing a multiple strand design:

There are lots of different ways for finishing off a multiple strand design. Here are three of our favorite choices!

First, you can always use a 2 strand clasp or a 3 strand clasp. Then, you can simply crimp each strand to its own jump ring on the clasp. There are some really beautiful and artsy multiple strand clasps available online.

Second, you can always crimp all of your strands to an eye pin. Then, you simply pull the eye pin through a cone and attach it to a single strand clasp with a simple wire wrap.

Third, there are 3x3mm crimp tubes available for crimping multiple strands of wire together. You will need a pair of Mighty Crimping Pliers for this application. This is quick, easy and looks great.

Fixing a design that's too short or too long:

If you finish a necklace or bracelet and find that it is too long or too short, there are ways to fix it without restringing the entire design. You can add jump rings to one end to add extra length OR switch to a smaller clasp to shorten the length.