Jewelry Made with Wire and Fiber


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Size: 8.5in-L x 11in-W
Pages: 72
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Jewelry Made with Wire and Fiber is another fabulous book by one of our favorite designers - Nealay Patel. His creations are lush and sophisticated and his instructons are easy to follow.

Author and designer Nealay Patel demonstrates easy-to-learn techniques using colorful printed fiber cord and dazzling beads in an array of fabulous styles. Learn beginner-level projects with advanced styles for the bold and daring and make jewelry that incorporate decorative beads, leather, fiber cord and wire. Projects are for beginner beading and a perfect introduction to working with half-hard wire and native fiber cord.

Each project includes easy-to-follow instructions with detailed step-by-step photos.

"The color variety, sizes and shapes are just a few things that I love about the Soft Flex craft wire. I've had the privilege of using it over the years and even through those years, the wire used in my designs still remains shiny and untarnished. My favorite wire size to use is 18 gauge, because it's easy to work with and it's very sturdy. Lastly, it's amazing how affordable this craft wire is, because Soft Flex did not compromise on providing a top-notch quality product. I'm very proud to say I used Soft Flex craft wire in my book, Jewelry Made with Wire and Fiber, and I hope other designers have a wonderful experience using it as I have!"

- Nealay Patel

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Jewelry Made With Wire &Fiber
Written by Melissa Doucette on May 6th 2023

I absolutely adore ? Nealay Patel! I have since I 1st saw him on JTV in 2015!! That’s when I purchased his 1st book and later on his 2nd book! This now makes my collection complete (all 3 of his books)!! This book is incredibly creative and stunning at what you can do with wire and fiber! I’ve been building up my supply of Native American bead cord in all sizes,color and shapes (flat and round)! I can’t wait to start a project and put my spin on it!! A beginner or an advanced beader will fall in love with Nealay’s book!! I know I have! It’s incredible to think he used just beads, fiber cord and wire to create the projects but that doesn’t mean u can’t use Softflex beading wire to do projects or even beading thread if u so choose! Anything is possible with a little imagination!!!