Magical Crimping Pliers


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Size: total length - 4.3in

Size: length from joint to tip - 22mm

Recommended for 2mm x 2mm crimps


Magical Crimping Pliers have a single rounding hole. This limits the pliers to 2x2mm crimps. But you can explore different diameters. If you are finishing a single strand necklace, we suggest using .019 Medium or .024 Heavy Soft Flex beading wire. You can also use Magical Crimping Pliers on multi-strand necklaces using finer diameters.

Magical Crimping Pliers are the next generation of crimping tools. If you use crimp covers to conceal a finished crimp, you will love Magical Crimping Pliers. Magical Crimping Pliers will turn an ordinary crimp tube into a finished, rounded, bead. A beautiful end to any design.

Here is the secret: regular crimping pliers have two holes, a crimping hole to place a divot in the crimp and a rounding hole to finish. Magical Crimping Pliers have a single rounding hole. This hole rounds any 2x2mm tube into a rounded bead. This quick rounding method eliminates the need for a crimp cover.

Magical Crimping Pliers are for beginner beaders and seasoned artists alike. Easy to learn and quick to master. At Soft Flex Company, we always suggest using high quality wire and crimps, such as our Soft Flex Wire and our crimps (which are seamless and thick-walled). Choosing a budget wire and crimps might not have the same strength and finish.

Product Reviews

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magical crimping pliers
Written by Margaret on Nov 3rd 2020

Miracles do occur! I don't know why I ignored my sense of hopelesness about crimping and ordered these pliers. I cautiously opened the packaged, got a crimping tube and some beading wire, and held my breath while I attempted my first crimp. A shock! It worked! So did the next one, and the next. And didn't need a crimp cover! Cute little near-perfect round crimps. In a short time I completed a necklace that had lain dormant for eons as I destroyed crimp after crimp with one of the THREE crimping pliers I had tried. My hat is off to the inventor of this tool. It was worth the price.

Magical Crimpers
Written by Kim on Sep 21st 2020

I love the magical crimper. Takes all the guess work out of using crimper themselves and makes my jewelry more appealing for selling because of the neat job that they do so easily for you.

Crimping Pliers
Written by wendy carter on Jun 26th 2020

I just gt mine and I love them,the way they turn a crimp into a little bead really is MAGICAL..

Written by Linda Craig on May 27th 2020

Easy to hold. Need practice. End result is nice.

Magical crimper
Written by Sue Morgan on Apr 14th 2020

This tool has changed my life! My old style crimping tool was making me crazy, I always wondered if my crimp would hold or break!!

Magical crimper
Written by Lori Craig on Mar 30th 2020

Love this tool. Makes crimping so much easier and I like how it looks

Magical Crimping Plier
Written by Moonfancy on Dec 7th 2019

BEST crimping pliers I've ever used, and I've gone through A LOT of different crimping pliers! Love these and will never use another kind. I love the special crimping tubes that go with these too. They make pretty little round beads!

Crimping plier review
Written by Donna Moseley on Jul 15th 2019

I can’t say enough good things about these pliers! They are incredible!!! I use to hate crimping but now I love using these & your crimp tubes!!!!

Magical crimper pliers
Written by Cathy C on Jun 4th 2019

This tool is a game changer, I love the way it saves you the trouble of adding crimp covers, you save money, time and aggravation, yay

Magical Crimper
Written by Drietriss B Thornton on May 22nd 2019

Love this tool!

Magical Crimping Pliers
Written by Lisa Muniz on May 14th 2019

OMG these are awesome! so easy to use.. a must have in your jewelry tools collection.

Crimping Pliers
Written by Gloria Dilworth on May 1st 2019

These are simply great to have. They make the jewelry look so well made. Easy to grasp as well.

Magical crimpers
Written by Joyce Uhl on May 1st 2019

Really works well. Just follow directions, and use 2x2 crimps.

Love these!
Written by Karen on Dec 8th 2018

Have to say it took me a little while to get these to always make a perfect little bead, but they are also useful if you like to put crimp covers on your crimps, they hold them nice and steady on their broad tips. This is my second pair I grabbed the old pair thinking it was something else and put a burr on it. Still works, but sometimes the burr grabs the crimp and I have to kind of pull it out, so time for a new pair!

Majical crimping pliers
Written by Annette Parker on Jul 12th 2018

Love these pliers

Magical Crimper
Written by Christine Heitman on Jun 21st 2018

Easy to use, sturdy and fun.