Using A Soft Flex® Speeder Beader


Beading made faster! The Speeder Beader needle makes threading hollow beads simple and fast.
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Soft Flex Speeder Beaders make threading Soft Flex® or Soft Touch™ beading wire simple and fast. Since hollow beads have no channel, there is nothing to guide the wire out of the bead and the wire often curls inside. Soft Flex Speeder Beaders will make stringing these beads quick and painless. Just push Soft Flex or Soft Touch beading wire into the pan at a 30-45 degree angle. The pan will guide the wire into the hollow part of the Speeder Beader. Beads slip over the Speeder Beader and onto your wire quickly and easily. If you work with big, hollow beads, this tool is an invaluable asset.

Length (in) Recommended
Wire Diameter (in)
Product ID #
 1.5 .010  SB-1.5010 
1.5  .014  SB-1.5014 (sold out) 
 1.5 .019  SB-1.5019 (sold out) 
 1.5  .024 SB-1.5024 
2.25  .010  SB-2.25010 
2.25  .014  SB-2.25014 (sold out) 
2.25  .019  SB-2.25019 (sold out) 
2.25  .024  SB-2.25024