260 Count Graduated Tsavorite Garnet Faceted Rondelles

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Size: Large 3.5mm-L x 2.5mm-W x 2.5mm-D
Size Small: 2.5mm-L x 1mm-W x 1mm-D
Qty: 260 Beads / Length: 15 in.
Weight: 6.4 g.


Tsavorite like all garnets is a piece of pure nature. The color range of Tsavorite includes a spring like light green, a intense blue-green and a deep forest green. These colors have a refreshing effect on the senses. The name Tsavorite was proposed in honor of Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 6.5-7.5

Garnet (green) represents the heart chakra, which is positioned at the center of the chest. Garnet helps develop love and compassion. It brings a protective and calming energy and balances emotional harmony. Garnet is the birthstone for January/ Aquarius.