56 Count Varied Size Grey Diamond Rough Crystals

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Size: Large 3mm-L x 2mm-W x 2mm-D
Size Small: 2mm-L x 1.5mm-W x 1.5mm-D
Qty: 56 Beads / Length: 4 in.
Weight: .9 g.


The apex of gemstone perfection. Universally loved and cherished. Marilyn Monroe famously sung that they were 'A Girl's Best Friend'. Prized for their luster, their hardness, and their rarity. There is simply no other gemstone like it. Our Extreme Soft Flex Wire is a perfect match for this wonderful stone.

Mohs' Hardness Scale: 10

Diamond (clear/white) represents purity. Diamond dispels negativity, while purifying the body bringing serenity to the mind, body and spirit. Diamond is the Birthstone for April/Aries, and resonates with the Astrological signs Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.