Affordable Jewelry Projects For An Unforgettable Prom

Prom is a time for celebration. This event is, not only, a night of dance and festivities, but also a herald of the end of high school. Prom is the big send off from student life to the world of adulthood. It is a night to cherish friends and make memories that will follow us forever. We have jewelry making projects that are perfect for this magical night. Shop with us and you can make jewelry that is just as inexpensive as pre-made designs you will find at the stores. But our jewelry is designed to last. Wear your designs for years to come or pass it down to your children as a lovely heirloom. Have the time of your life with our gallery quality jewelry projects!

Affordable Jewelry Projects For An Unforgettable Prom

Affordable Jewelry Projects For An Unforgettable Prom Collage

Glow Up With Affordable & Elegant Jewelry

Silver and gold never go out of style! Creating an elegant necklace is easy. Follow the instructions in the video above and learn how to make a gorgeous necklace that is simple and on trend.

Soft Flex Company is a one stop shop for handmade jewelry making supplies. We manufacture premium beading wire to string your jewelry pieces. Our wire is colorful and meant to be shown. Our wire draps like thread or silk and can be a design element or concealed. You can find all of the beads you need to create a masterpiece at home and the findings to secure and finish your handmade design.

If you would like to pair your necklace design with earrings, visit the video below and see how easy it is to make a jewelry set for prom!

Dramatic Jewelry For An Night Full Of Exciting Moments

Add drama and flair to your wardrobe. This stunning necklace will give your gown an unmissable presence. Add a messy wrap to the descending beads or connect with chain. You make the rules! Add themed beads to your collection to make it easy to make a necklace like this - check out our exclusive bead mixes and bead kits.

Fall/Winter Necklace by Kristen Fagan

Pearls Never Go Out Of Style

Pearl Party Earrings by Shelley Richey

Pearls are always in fashion. These delicate gems are often the choice of powerful politicians and representatives. They are a symbol of quiet strength. Pearls are an elegant addition to any wardrobe. Add a subtle pair of earrings or go for a traditional necklace. We think this pair of earrings is the perfect highlight for your prom gown!

Pearl Party Earrings by Shelley Richey

Follow this link to make the - Pearl Party Earrings

Drop Beads Add Excitement To Earrings

Drop beads are a perfect color accent to your eveningwear. These designs are wonderful - so easy to customize and create. Check out the video and see how easy it is to make your own signature earrings for a night to remember!

Czech Glass Drop Bead Earrings by Sara Oehler

Layered Necklaces Are On Trend

Stacking necklaces is hot right now. Whether you choose multiple necklace or a single layered design, you are sure to catch somebody's eye! This necklace is simple and since it is mainly using the wire as a statement, you only need a few beads to finish the design. You can add a braid or twist for texture or simply using a single strand with beads crimped in place. This design is easy to finish and will look amazing on prom night!

Follow this link to make the - Luxe Layers Necklace

Sparkle & Shine with Shimmering Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are another timeless look that is great for prom. This jewelry choice is perfect for every formal occasion. Add some glittering beads and a shower of silver or mixed metals and you are going to make an impression!

Sparkly Chandelier Earrings and matching Bracelet by Kristen Fagan

Check out our Instagram Reel showing how to make a matching bracelet! Click here to watch the Instagram Reel.

Sparkly Bracelet by Kristen Fagan

Don't Sleep On Illusion Necklaces

Illusion necklaces are perfect for any formal occasion. They exude class and sophistication. Illusion jewelry is a design where beads are crimped in place and appear to float on the neck. You can select one of our neutral color beading wires so the beads appear to float - or you can select a colorful wire that enhances the design.

Get creative and add a braid to your necklace, in the design above. Or, watch the video below if you would like to just have the wire without a texture. These necklace are also great as they look like a stacked design.

Make Memories With A Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are very much in fashion. Jewelry charms have been with us since our early ancestors first picked a treasured bone or shell from the ground. They have been trending throughout history. Iconic jewelry company Tiffany's made their name known with a charm bracelet. Charm jewelry is currently following popular culture, a movie or series tends to bring the fun back. If you know how to open and close a jump ring, you know how to attach a charm to your next design. Add a charm to an anklet or necklace. Give a friend a charm bracelet.

Tell a story with your charm bracelet. Grab charms that are meaningful and current. Years down the road, this jewelry will remind you of your special night at the prom.

If you would like more information about charm bracelets and necklaces, check out these - Jewelry Charms Links

Charm Bracelets by Kristen Fagan

Add Flowers And Beads To Your Up Do

Make your special night amazing with a beaded wrap or crown. With Soft Flex Craft Wire, you can weave beads and wire into your hair or make a floral crown for prom. This simple design was made with craft store flowers and beads. Make your up do as elegant as your gown!

Wire Wrapped Flower Crown with Soft Flex Craft Wire by Kristen Fagan

You Can't Go Wrong With A Classic Crystal Bracelet

Simplicity and style in a beautiful bracelet! This easy to make design is sure to please. This bracelet is guaranteed to last for years if you string it with our amazing Soft Flex Beading Wire. Our .024 Heavy diameter wire is ready to withstand the wear and tear a bracelet gets with daily wear. Bracelets rock back and forth on the wrist, abrasive beads and stones can eat into the stringing material. Our wire is made to tolerate this stress and last for years!

Follow this link to make the - Fancy Crystals Bracelet

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