Live Beading Party With Rachel Mallis of Malli Jewelry: Wire Wrap Earrings

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Live Beading Party With Rachel Mallis of Malli Jewelry Wire Wrap Earrings Collage

Live Beading Party With Rachel Mallis of Malli Jewelry: Wire Wrap Earrings

Sara Oehler had a live beading party with Rachel Mallis from Malli Jewelry. Rachel showed how to make wire wrap earrings on a WigJig with Soft Flex Craft Wire. Rachel is a talented jewelry maker and you can find her on YouTube collaborating with other artists, like Nealay Patel and Sam Siegel. If you enjoy her work, you can also find her on Facebook.

Live Beading Party with Sara Oehler and Rachel Mallis


Soft Flex Craft Wire
WigJig Super Pegs
Beads from Sam's Bead Shop
Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers

Here are the amazing earrings that Rachel made on a WigJig using Soft Flex Craft Wire and beads from Sam's Bead Shop.

Wire Wrap Earrings by Rachel Mallis

Wire Wrap Earrings by Rachel Mallis

Here is the supply/diagram sheet from Rachel:

Click here to learn more about WigJigs and download templates to use.

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