Peyote Stitch With Delica Seed Beads & Free Beading Patterns

We have fallen in love with peyote stitch. The bug bit us a couple of months ago when we invited  Danielle Wickes to a beading party and we discussed seed beads and beadwork. We knew this was going to be an event to remember and we stocked our store shelves with Miyuki Delica seed beadsthread, and beadwork findings. Peyote stitch is so versatile and it is a great form of beaded art that allows for patterns and amazing creativity. When the party started, our minds were already reeling with the possibilities. If you want to learn a fun new art or simply want ideas for your next bracelet, check out our blog!

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Much like simple bead stringing, peyote stitch has been a form of beaded art for thousands of years. This off-loom form of beadweaving has been found across the globe. Our ancestors adorned themselves with beaded collars, bracelets and even decorated gourd containers (this is how the another name for the stitch originated - gourd stitch). The contemporary name, peyote stitch, is likely derived from its use in peyote ceremonies. From the ancient people to your hands - this is your chance to be a part of history. Make jewelry and make your mark!

This year has been quite the journey at  Soft Flex Company. When we first celebrated seed beads with Danielle, we were looking for a new form of beaded art to excite our passion and spark creative thoughts. Not long after we posted that video and blog, we lost our good friend and company founder, Mike Sherman. And then Sara found herself dealing with a medical crisis in her family. Seed beads became a form of therapy for us. Sara found solace, during long nights at the hospital, using seed beads as a form of meditation and soothing. One bead after another. One row and then the next. Beadwork is a great way to calm your mind when the world gets a little too stressful. We hope you enjoy the patterns and ideas we have collected here. May beads give you comfort and joy!

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Peyote Stitch With Delica Seed Beads & Free Beading Patterns Collage

Delica Seed Bead Projects: 2 Drop And Brick Stitch Patterns

This was the beading party that ignited our new love with seed beads! Danielle Wickes, of Danielle Wickes Jewelry and John Bead, showed us how to make playful jewelry designs with beadwork findingsbeading thread and seed beads using a Double Peyote Stitch. If this is a new beading technique to you, you can find all of the supplies you need on our site. We also have the patterns for the designs below.

Here is the cute owl and stitch earrings that Danielle made.

Double Peyote Stitch Seed Bead Earrings by Danielle Wickes

Here are the double peyote stitch patterns from Danielle:

Double Peyote Stitch Patterns by Danielle WickesDouble Peyote Stitch Patterns by Danielle Wickes

Sara made these earring with  beadwork findings, beading thread and seed beads, using the patterns from Danielle.

Double Peyote Stitch Seed Bead Earrings by Sara Oehler

Beadwork Pattern Discussion & Finishing A 2 Drop Peyote Stitch Bracelet

We had to pre-record this appearance for  The Great Bead Extravaganza. Not something we wanted to do, we really enjoy sharing the stage with our favorite presenters. But this video coincided with our friend Mike Sherman's celebration of life. In this video, Sara tells us how beadwork kept her mind calm, while her husband was in the hospital. Josh was diagnosed with a brain tumor and Sara used peyote stitch and seed beads to stay focused and strong for her family and loving husband. Check out her pumpkin bracelet (and other designs she created, in the video)!

Check out Sara's pumpkin bracelet and 2 drop pattern:

3 Drop Peyote Stitch Discussion & How To Finish A Peyote Design

We invited Danielle Wickes to another beading party. This time, we had even more items on our shelves. We added beadwork findings that were inspired by Danielle and three colorful seed bead trios that Danielle curated to our inventory. Danielle showed us how to make 3 drop bracelets with her new bead collections and components. We even let our live viewers guide the show and vote for the design they wanted Danielle to finish.

Kristen, who is a wonderful artist with so many mediums, is not a seed beader. But that was part of the fun. Kristen got to dip her toes and try it out. Her design did not quite go where she expected, but that is all part of the learning process. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Don't be afraid to miss the mark and make a hot mess instead of a masterpiece. Patience and practice will make it all worthwhile! If you want to start this new craft, just know that the first row is the hardest part. It gets easier. Once you master the beginning, it gets easier and easier to tackle more elaborate designs.

Find PDFs of Danielle's patterns on our  Soft Flex VIB Studio Facebook group here:  "Attaching the Stitch-in to 3-Drop" and "Delica Palettes Pattern Bundle, 3-Drop Peyote". (Note: links go to free, private FB group, must be in group to access.)

Free 2 Bead Peyote Stitch Bracelet Patterns With Our Seed Bead Trios

Check out our new  11/0 Miyuki Delica Seed Beads Trios. Each color collection was created by Danielle Wickes of Danielle Wickes Jewelry. Danielle is an artist and jewelry designer based in the Pacific Northwest. She is a content creator for John Bead. Danielle has a keen eye for color and creative designs. She loves working with seed beads, bead-weaving and looming. We are delighted that she created these curated seed bead mixes for us to share with you! We love watching her instructional videos and throwing beading parties with her. She is an amazing teacher and is sure to inspire you!

This lovely set of Seed Beads Trios comes in three colors and shows a Artic Circle colorway:

Fancy Lined White
Frosted Glazed Rainbow Arctic Blue
Colbalt Blue Opaque Dyed Duracoat

This lovely set of Seed Beads Trios comes in three colors and shows a Red Rose Tea colorway:

Duracoat Opaque Dyed Rose Pink
Duracoat Opaque Dyed Dusty Red
Duracoat Opaque Dyed Dusty Mauve

This lovely set of Seed Beads Trios comes in three colors and shows a Vintage Holiday colorway:

Fancy Lined Copper
Fancy Lined Green Turquoise
Yellow Saffron Transparent Gold Luster

Blank Pattern For 2 Drop Peyote Stitch Designs

Double Peyote Stitch Patterns by Danielle Wickes

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