Two Tone, Two Hole Beads And Two Spiders!

We had too much fun this week! We strung a two tone necklace that was inspired by one of our favorite fashionistas. We threw a beading party and celebrated two hole beads. And we got into the happy haunted spirit of Halloween with two spooky spiders. This recap is all treats and no tricks. We are sure you are going to find a compulsion to create with us. Come get a handful of sweet inspiration.

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And Just Like That, we found ourselves inspired by another necklace design from one of our favorite shows. Kristen kicked off this week with a design she figured Carrie Bradshaw would love. Kristen's two tone design is elegant and easy to make. Follow along on her free spirited tutorial.

Sara threw a beading party with Tricia Giazzon. Learn how to make a gorgeous bracelet with two hole beads. This colorful jewelry project has lots of possibilities. Make a seasonal design or string a bracelet that you can wear all year 'round.

Kristen and Sara gave us a lively Great Bead Extravaganza Spotlight Day demonstration. The two made spiders with Craft Wire and beads. This video was soooo much fun. We laughed about how big Kristen's spider was and how Sara made a dainty and charming eight legged friend. These spiders are perfect for Christmas or Halloween. Make your own design and post it on our VIB group - we would love to see your work!

Check out the jewelry making demonstrations from our friends: Aleshia Beadifulnights and Sparkle by Monica opened our Safari kit. And Beki Foster showed us how to make a jewelry set with chain.

Joyful Beading is back! Join our Facebook group – VIB and take part in the excitement. Share your creative jewelry designs and get the chance to win credits on our website.

Jewelry Making Videos

"And Just Like That" Style: Carrie Bradshaw DIY Two-Tone Bead Necklace

"And Just Like That" Style Carrie Bradshaw Two-Tone Bead Necklace by Kristen Fagan

"And Just Like That" Style Carrie Bradshaw Two-Tone Bead Necklace by Kristen Fagan

Live Beading Party With Tricia Giazzon Of Pink Poodle Studio

TGBE Spotlight: Coffee & Craft Wire With Sara Oehler & Kristen Fagan

Aleshia Beadifulnights: Safari Mystery Design Kit Unboxing & Tutorial

Beki Foster: September Chain Challenge Using Soft Flex Safari Design Kit

Sparkle by Monica: Safari Mystery Design Kit Bead Haul

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