Common Jewelry Making Tools

Bead Stopper
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How many times have you designed a fantastic necklace to accidentally have half of the beads slip off the wire when you are trying test the length or crimp the ends? I bet too many times to count, right? The Bead Stoppers clip on the end of Soft Flex® or Soft Touch™ Wire to keep beads from slipping or sliding off of the wire. Never again do you have to worry about losing your design due to a silly mistake. Check out our Bead Stoppers with Soft Flex® Exclusive Grip Tips if you would like to add some color to your Bead Stoppers.
Bead Reamer
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This aluminum Bead Reamer W/ Clip comes with three diamond coated bits and is perfect for cleaning out and smoothing the inside of bead holes. When using, make sure to use water as a lubricant to avoid breaking your beads or wearing down the bit. This reamer is designed hollow to store the reamer bits. It is manufactured in the USA with a metal clip and brass chuck to avoid rust.
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Show Your Colors explores beading designs infused with color. The book features 30 projects that use color throughout the jewelry creation, from the gemstones and beads to the beading wire itself. The designs are beginner friendly and unique enough that even the more seasoned beaders will enjoy creating them. Show Your Colors is the perfect accompaniment to our ten foot color spools as nearly every design in the book can be completed with a single spool.
Bead Nipper
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Bead Nippers are wonderful for a beginner. These are cost effective for someone who does not do a lot of cutting. These are not intended to be used for anything but cord and soft wire. Please note: these cutters are designed for use on beading wire and soft metals, such as sterling silver or copper. We do not suggest attempting to cut hard wire, such as Memory Wire, with these cutters as it will harm the blades of the cutter.

Italian Ultra Flush Cutter
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Flush Cutter
Precision Strength Flush Cutters are a high quality tool for the professional jewelry designer. You can cut Soft Flex® and Soft Touch™ in all sizes along with Soft Flex Craft Wire in most gauges. Precision Strength Flush Cutters have a lap-joint, a smooth spring return and a Rockwell Hardness of 61. Please note: these cutters are designed for use on beading wire and soft metals, such as sterling silver or copper. Hard wire, such as Memory Wire, will harm the blades of the cutter. Euro Tool, the manufacturer, recommends not cutting anything larger than a 16 gauge wire, unless is it a soft metal like, gold or silver wire, then you could go as large as 14 gauge.
Chain Nose Pliers
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Chain Nose Pliers are great for bending, creating perfect 90 degree angles, gripping and shaping wire. They are a must for all wire workers.
Crimping Pliers
Crimping Pliers
A must have tool for compressing crimps. Crimping Pliers allow for your design to be secure with a crimp bead that looks and feels smooth. It is highly suggested that you check out our sterling silver and gold filled Soft Flex® crimp tubes. They are double the wall thickness of most on the market and are also seamless. You will feel ultimate security with our crimps and crimping pliers!
Flat Nose Pliers
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Flat nose pliers are great for bending, creating perfect 90 degree angles, gripping and shaping wire. These pliers have a smooth surface that will not mar or scratch your wire. Wider than a chain nose, this tool gives your more surface area to grip your wire or to work with multiple wires at one time.
Nylon Jaw Pliers
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This is a must have tool for anyone who wire wraps and designs using wire. Due to the nylon jaws, the wire is less likely to be scratched or marred while being worked on. Also great to recycle and straighten wire! Replacement jaws are also available.
Round Nose Pliers
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Round nose pliers are great for bending, creating loops and shaping wire.
Wire Looping Pliers
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Wire Looping Pliers make consistent loops and coils. This pair of pliers has a concave jaw and a round step jaw to form the perfect 2mm, 3mm or 4mm loop.
Split Ring Pliers
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This much needed tool, the Split Ring Pliers were specifically designed for easily opening split rings. Just put the tooth between the two over lapping rings of the split ring and squeeze. The split ring should pop open and be ready to use.
Soft Flex Pro Tools
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The Soft Flex Company Tool Line features, as standard, a unique double-sheathed, ESD safe, cushioned grip. The inner sheath is a tough vinyl, ESD safe material which holds the leaf spring and the cushioned surface to the handle. The outer sheath, also ESD safe, provides a no-slip, cushioned surface for the operator's hand. This is important because the slight compressibility of the cushion aids to distribute the pressure more effectively. It can even absorb sharp particles which otherwise could be imbedded in the hand. The Soft Flex Company Tool Line's cushion grip is almost always considered by operators to be more comfortable than the hard plastic used by competitors.
Speeder Beader
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The Soft Flex Speeder Beader makes threading Soft Flex or Soft Touch beading wire fast and simple. Push Soft Flex or Soft Touch beading wire into the pan at a 30-45 degree angle. The pan will guide the wire into the hollow part of the Speeder Beader. Beads slip over the Speeder Beader and onto your wire quickly and easily. If you work with big, hollow beads, this tool is an invaluable asset. Since hollow beads have no channel, there is nothing to guide the wire out of the bead and the wire often curls inside. Soft Flex Speeder Beaders will make stringing these beads quick and painless.
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Special T Glue is a gap filling glue. It is designed to fill any gaps inside a knot - this makes the knot secure and less likely to come undone. In the case of knotted jewelry, it is extra assurance that your design is not going to fall apart after prolonged wear. Special T Glue dries pliably rather than hard and crunchy. It takes around sixty seconds to dry and dries clear. Special T Glue is excellent for use with Illusion Cord, Stretch Magic, Soft Flex© and Soft Touch™.
Knotting Tools

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Macramé is likely derived from Arabic or Turkish words describing fringes and weaving techniques. It is a form of crafting textiles using knots -  rather than knitting, crocheting or weaving. On into the 21st century, we have found macramé especially fun to use with Soft Flex Wire. Explore jewelry making with our colored wire and a macramé board!
Kumihimo Boards
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Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese braiding technique that has been used for armor, carrying weapons, and decorative beading. The art requires a disc for creating the braids, but there is no limit to the creative techniques beyond that – silk, fiber and thread can be turned into beautiful belts, hatbands, and jewelry.
Knitting Spools
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An age old tradition of weaving has returned as a new innovation for wire weaving. Use a 5 Pin Knitting Spool to knit Soft Flex Craft Wire (gauges 24-28), beading wire (any diameter) and any thread, cord or fiber.
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You will have endless creative opportunities for your wire designs with our line of WigJig products. The transparent WigJig products are constructed of aircraft strength acrylic. So strong, they can be used in a vise.
Bur Cup
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A Burr Cup is used to file and round the end of Soft Flex© Craft Wire. It is manufactured with a stainless steel tip and wooden handle.
Wire Whacker
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The Wire Whacker has revolutionized work hardening wire components without hammering. This product is great for working with our Soft Flex Craft Wire because the nylon will not mar or harm the enamel coating on the wire.
Draw Plate
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Draw plates are handy if you use a knitting spool. When knitting, the wire will have a free flowing knit. With the draw plate, you can condense your knit chain into a uniform shape and size. If you are producing a number of designs and need to maintain the same size every time, this tool will be an invaluable addition.
Tool Magic
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Tool Magic is a must for designers that work with craft wire. It covers the hard surface of wire working tools with a soft and smooth grip. Tool Magic prevents craft wire from scratching, marring and flaking. Tool Magic is simple to apply and remove and will not damage tools. If you work with nylon jaw pliers while doing wire wrapping projects, this will, in essence, turn all of your tools into nylon jaw pliers. Once you have finished your design, Tool Magic can be easily removed and it will not leave any residue on your tools.