Magical Crimping Pliers

The Magical Crimping Pliers was created to be used with 2x2mm crimp tubes. It is important to use good quality crimp tubes with the Magical Crimping Pliers. Soft Flex manufactures their tubes with double the wall thickness of most and they are also seamless. They are terrific for this application. A weaker walled crimp will have a hard time cinching into the nylon coating. Recommended for .019 and .024 flexible beading wire only.

5 Step Crimping Instructions using the Magical Crimping Pliers


Step 1
String a crimp tube. If attaching a clasp or ear wire, make sure that wires lay side by side.


Step 2
Place the crimp tube inside the groove of the Magical Crimping Pliers and squeeze.


Step 3
The pliers will pinch the four corners of the crimp tube and look like a square.


Step 4
Turn the crimp tube on its side in the Magical Crimping Pliers, making sure the top of the square is up and squeeze. Rotate and squeeze a few more times.


Step 5
The crimp should tighten down on the wire and look like a round bead.

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 Video: Inventor of the Magical Crimping Pliers

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