Marvelous Mystery Mix of Beads, 3 sizes

Soft Flex
$4.95 - $19.95
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Get a serving of the most delicious mix of mystery beads! Each collection is hand curated and a good deal of thought went into the preparation of each mix. Sizes, shapes, and colors may vary in each mix. 

If you are just looking to satifsy your sweet tooth with a little kiss of mixed beads, check out our Petite selection. Petite is a thoughtful collection of approximately ten beautiful beads.

If you want a tasty snack of beads, you will want to dig your hands into the bigger bounty of our Treat mix. Treat is a lovely dessert of approximately twenty-two mixed beads.

If you are hankering for a full dessert spread of glorious beads, make sure you reserve a table of Oh So Sweet beads! Oh So Sweet is a healthy helping of approximately fifty mixed beads.

Satifsy your craving for beads today! Grab a Marvelous Mystery Mix of Beads!