Soft Flex Beading Wire - Medium Diameter

Soft Flex
Height 0.63
Width 2.75
Depth 2.75
Diameter Required
Color None Selected Required
Spool Length Required

Soft Flex Wire is the designer's choice in bead stringing wire.

Soft Flex Wire is a lead-free beading wire for designers that demand strength and durability. Soft Flex Wire is a superior beading wire, created by beaders for beaders. Soft Flex Wire is constructed of either 21 or 49 micro woven stainless steel wires. It is supple enough that it can be knotted and comes in a wide variety of colors. It is available in 3 diameters: .014, .019, and .024. We recommend Soft Flex Wire for designers that want their pieces to last and eliminate the frustration of restringing.


Basic Usage:

.010 Very Fine - Ideal for embellishing, weaving, crocheting and stringing very small beads. We suggest finishing with 1x1mm crimps.

.014 Fine - Ideal for soft materials, seed beads and fresh water pearls. We suggest finishing with 2x2mm crimps.

.019 Medium - Ideal all purpose wire. Great with glass, mineral, and metal beads. We suggest finishing with 2x2mm crimps.

.024 Heavy - Ideal for abrasive materials, large stones, lamp work and bracelets. We suggest finishing with 2x3mm crimps.



Empty Soft Flex Beading Wire spools can be recycled.
Any customer wanting to recycle empty spools of quality Soft Flex Craft Wire or Soft Flex Beading Wire may mail them to:

Soft Flex Company
Attn: Recycle, 22678 Broadway - Suite 1
Sonoma, California, 95476

Product Reviews

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Softflex .019
Written by Susan on Dec 13th 2018

Favorite product. I consider this my Top of the Line, and I use it constantly for Fresh Water Pearls, Gemstones and glass beads. Love it! Love it!

.019 Diameter Wire
Written by Sharon Gove on Sep 24th 2018

I'm very happy with the strength of this wire. When I make heavy stone necklaces, it always holds up well.

Soft Flex Beading Wire Medium Diameter
Written by Levanah Bdolak on Sep 14th 2018

I love this wire. I use it for all of my professional necklaces of medium or larger stones. It is strong, durable, holds it's shape, easy to work with, with the right crimp never breaks or opens and is just a joy to use. It beats every other wire I have tried in the past--AOK

Soft Flex Beading Wire
Written by Beverly Davis on Aug 10th 2018

I don’t know how I ever did without it before. By far the best around.

Soft Flex Beading wire
Written by Annette Parker on Jul 11th 2018

awesome product, so many possibilities.

Medium Softflex wire - .019
Written by Betsy on Jul 6th 2018

This is THE go to beading wire for almost all projects. Love the softflex products and how they allow for movement in the pieces you create. Softflex beading wire is a must have for any crafter or beader. Its the Best! (and don't forget to grab some of their quality crimp beads while you are at it..2x2)

.019 Diameter Wire
Written by Sharon Gove on Jun 19th 2018

This is the best heavy duty wire that I've ever used in my large stones jewelry. I als use it for my mobiles and suncatchers.

Wire review
Written by Jeni Vadnais on Jun 14th 2018

Could I love Softflex wire any more. . . Uh no! Wire is flexible, strong, affordable, etc, etc. Will not use any othe wire for my projects. Thanks for a great product.

review of beading wire medium
Written by p.mackay on Jun 6th 2018

best wire I ever used I would never get any other wire. it is flexible but firm, colors are a good match for my beads and drapes very well. I continue to order soft flex wire when I need to.