Special Tea Bead Mix

Soft Flex

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The Special Tea Bead Mix is a Soft Flex Company exclusive and was included in our Special Tea Design Kit. If you loved this kit, you are going to love this stunning mix of assorted beads. If you own the kit, this mix is a great way to expand your collection. If you did not purchase the kit, but love the colorway, this is a great way to grab some beads without buying the full kit.

Special Tea! Tea is the second most popular beverage on our planet - second only to water. We drink more tea than every other beverage combined (including coffee and alcohol). Green tea or Darjeeling wakes us up with a jolt of caffeine. Valerian or chamomile tea gives us a cuddle and warm hug at night. Tea has a universe of flavors - smoky, refreshing, sweet, and more. Tea reminds us of simpler times, watching our friends or parents place a jug of sun tea on the porch. Tea is medicinal. Tea is comfort. Tea is nostalgia. Tea is life. Today we are celebrating the marriage of aromatic plants and steeped water. Let's raise a toast to tea - Special Tea!

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Special Tea Bead Mix
Written by JoAnne on Mar 28th 2024

Beautiful, a great mix. I am planning on making a necklace.