Wire Whacker


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Size: 6in-H X 4in-W X 1in-D

Weight: 385.5 g.


The Wire Whacker is perfect for any wire wrapping designer. The Wire Whacker makes it easy to work harden a wire design with a couple of strikes, rather than slowly hammering the pieces. It is the perfect tool for Soft Flex Craft Wire, the Wire Whacker will not mar or damage the enamel coating on the wire. 

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Written by Sonya Fahrenbacher on Dec 25th 2023

I absolutely love everything! Will always buy from Soft Flex I give a 5 star

Wire whacker
Written by Melissa Doucette on Jun 16th 2023

I absolutely love ???? love this so much better than my small bench block! U get way more area to hammer onto or even (taking out your frustrations ?) by striking them together! It didn’t mar my copper coated colored wire at all!! This is even great to use with wire words!! A must tool in your arsenal!!

Wire Whacker
Written by Nancy Clark on Dec 24th 2021

I haven’t used it yet, I will after the Holidays. I know I will have a lot of fun with it.