3 Easy DIY Easter Craft Projects

Today, we have three free craft project ideas for Easter! These designs are beginner friendly and fun. Decorate your home with a wire wrapped candle. Make your dinner table more festive with a beautiful braided napkin ring. Or, try your know-how at a lovely handmade  rosary. We make it easy with simple step-by-step instructions.

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Hand crafting your decorations is a wonderful way to personalize a holiday. Store bought decorations can get expensive and are not unique.  Soft Flex Beading Wire and Soft Flex Craft Wire are an easy way to make your decorations fit your individual style. Using our wire is also a great way to enhance decorations you already have at home. Our wire can add a signature touch to candles, lampshades, pillows and so much more. 

Don't forget to shop our Trios Beading Wire Packs for your holiday wire needs. Easter is a snap. Our Egg Hunt Trios were designed to make your holiday jewelry hop. Purple Amethyst, Chrysoprase, and Turquoise - these glowing colors look as indulgent as the candy marshmallows in your cottontail's Easter basket. Designing jewelry for your ducklings will be easy this year!

Egg Hunt Trios are comprised of three 10 foot spools of Soft Flex Wire. You can design with a single strand of color or create a multi-strand design that showcases all three. The wire is colored and meant to be shown. You can expose large areas of the wire - illusion necklaces look great with color wire. You can also use our wire to make a translucent bead or stone radiate. Rose Quartz looks amazing with our pink wires. Trios wire is meant to be shown and your jewelry will look stunning when the wire accents your beads.

Pearl Rosary

Designer Virginia Magdaleno
Skill Level Beginner

26 gauge Non-Tarnish Silver Plated Soft Flex Craft Wire 
9mm Pearl Rounds - 53 pcs 
Faceted Red  Garnet Rondelles - 7 pcs
Garnet Pearl Crystal Flower Connector - 1 pc
Sterling Silver Cross Pendant - 1 pc

Round Nose Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers 


Step 1: Starting at the cross, follow this pattern using the  basic wire wrapped connector: 1 beadless component, 1 garnet, 1 beadless, 3 pearls, 1 beadless, 1 garnet, and 1 beadless.

Step 2: Now add the Pearl Crystal Flower connector.

Step 3: For the remainder of the rosary, follow this pattern: 1 beadless, 10 pearls, 1 beadless, and 1 garnet.

Step 4: Make five sections using this pattern and connect the last one to the last hole on the Pearl Connector.

Braided Napkin Ring

Designer Jamie Hogsett
Skill Level Beginner

Econoflex Wire, .019 Diameter in Steel Blue - 27" 
Econoflex Wire, .019 Diameter in Spring Green - 27" 
3x3mm Sterling Silver Crimp Tubes - 3 pcs 
22mm Blue and Gold Shiny Palm Tree Glass Button - 1 pc

Mighty Crimping Pliers 


Step 1: Cut the wire into 9" pieces, for a total of 3 Steel Blue wires and 3 Spring Green wires.

Step 2: Use all six wires to string 1 crimp tube. Place the tube about 3/4" from one end of the wires, and crimp.

Step 3: Divide the wires into three groups of one Steel Blue wire and one Spring Green wire. Braid the three groups until there is about 1" of wire remaining. Use all six wires to string 1 crimp tube, and crimp.  Click here for crimping instructions.

Step 4: Trim half of the tail ends on both sides of the braid, so that there are three wires remaining. Use one side of the tail ends to string the button and 1 crimp tube. Use the other tail ends to pass through the crimp tube and the button. Snug the ring and crimp the tube.

Citrine Candle

Designer Lynda Musante
Skill Level Beginner

20 gauge Brown Soft Flex Craft Wire - 1.5 yards 
26 gauge Bronze Soft Flex Craft Wire - 7.5 yards
Smooth  Citrine Cubes - 59 pcs
3mm Faceted  Peridot Rondelles - 108 pcs

Round Nose Pliers 
Italian Flush Cutter


Step 1: Use Round Nose Pliers to cut 45 inches of 20 gauge Soft Flex Craft Wire. Form a right angle bend in the wire at 2" from one end to create a post. Use the round nose pliers to grip the wire at the base of the bend, and begin bending the wire to form a spiral as show in the image below.

Step 2: Form a slight bend into the brown wire on the other end. Use the round nose pliers to form a spiral onto this end of the wire, stopping at the slight bend. Use the round nose pliers to form a 2 to 2-1/2 inch spiral on the opposite end of the wire.

(OPTIONAL: Hammer the spiral to texture the wire)

Step 3: Use Flush cutters to cut a 30 inch length of 26 gauge bronze wire and set aside.

Step 4: Insert the post portion of the brown wire into the base of the candle in the center. Bring the wire out from under the candle base and gently bend it up the side of the candle. Loosely wrap the wire around the candle three times.

Step 5: Arrange the wire on the candle so the three wraps fit against the candle, as shown in the project photo. Pinch the wraps of the wire carefully slide the wire off of the candle. Pick up the 26 gauge bronze wire and begin wrapping the end of the wire around the pinched area of the brown wire. Continue putting several wraps around the brown wire to hold the wire in place, wrapping about 1 inch.

Step 6: Use the 26 gauge to string 2 Citrine Cube beads and one 3mm Peridot Rondelle six times. Begin loosely wrapping the brass wire and the beads around the lowest brown wire, positioning the beads randomly above and below the brown wire (refer to project photo). Anchor the wire at the intersection of original wrap, below the spiral, by wrapping the 26 gauge bronze wire several times. Slide beads and bend wire in an attractive pattern.

Step 7: Cut 30 inches of 26 gauge bronze wire and attach it to the center brown wire under the spiral by wrapping it around the brown wire several times. Repeat Step 5.

Step 8: Repeat Step 6 and then Step 5 to add beads to the remaining brown wire.

Step 9: Slip candle back into the rings and insert the post into the base of the candle. Light the candle and enjoy!

NOTE: If your candle burns down to just above the wire and bead decoration, remove the decoration from the candle.

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