Christmas In July: DIY Christmas Decorations And Homemade Ornaments

The holiday season is still months away. But Christmas is only distant when you look at a calendar. If you like to make your own personalized christmas ornaments and crafts, now is a great time to start thinking about your handmade decorations. Don't get caught unprepared when December rolls around! Last month, we celebrated Christmas In July. This was our chance to gather with friends and get inspired to start our crafts early. See what we made and check out our links to other Christmas craft blogs. Learn how to make homemade ornaments that look amazing and give your tree a bit of bling!

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For Christmas in July, we collaborated with six exciting jewelry companies for two hours of creative fun on our social media. Celebrate Christmas early with your favorite designers and their companies. Learn how to make a little magic with Cassandra Spicer of Beads to Live By, Rebecca Combs of Design & Adorn, Abbi Berta of The Bead Place, Danielle Wickes of John Bead, Joyce Trowbridge of Just Bead It and Sara Oehler of Soft Flex Company. Check out the video and get into the Christmas spirit. This is your chance to kickstart your holiday crafting! Learn how to make beaded ornaments that look gorgeous and will not break the bank.

Christmas In July: DIY Christmas Decorations And Homemade Ornaments

Christmas In July DIY Christmas Decorations And Homemade Ornaments Collage

Christmas In July!

Kristen's Christmas Tree

Do you love Christmas as much as we do? The holiday season is the perfect excuse for playful creativity. Beaded garlands and handmade ornaments are so fun to make. A Christmas tree looks wonderful when you make thoughtful ornaments at home. One great thing about using your beading supplies to make DIY Christmas decorations is that you will save money. Why spend money on a mass produced adornment when you can make a powerful keepsake that stays in the family as an heirloom?

Christmas in July means time to gather your supplies and plan your designs. 

Let's get inspired to make Christmas magic together!

Christmas In July Homemade Ornament Making Party

Christmas in July! We love the holidays. We gathered friends for a creative beading party to make ornaments. For those of us living in the hottest cities and states this summer, this was a chance to imagine a world where the winter winds were blowing outside.

The idea for Christmas in July came about in December. We staged our first  ornament making party and were having so much fun that we talked about doing it again - sooner than later. You know the Christmas bug has bit when you make future Christmas party plans even us you are enjoying a Christmas party!

Check out the video for all of the tutorials and fun. You can find the finished ornaments below! Make sure you visit the links of the designers you love. You can find the beading supplies they used for their ornaments, at their stores. 

Ornament Making Party in July 2023

Cassandra Spicer from Beads to Live By

Beads To Live By Ornament by Cassandra Spicer

Beads To Live By Ornament Quote

Rebecca Combs from Design & Adorn

Design & Adorn Ornament by Rebecca Combs

Abbi Berta from The Bead Place

The Bead Place Ornament by Abbi Berta

Danielle Wickes from John Bead and Danielle Wickes on Etsy

Ornament by Danielle Wickes

Ornaments by Danielle Wickes

Joyce Trowbridge from  Just Bead It

Just Bead It Ornaments by Joyce Trowbridge

Sara Oehler from Soft Flex Company

Ornament by Sara Oehler

Personalized Christmas Ornaments And Christmas Craft Ideas On Our Blog

Snowman Necklace and Earrings by Kristen Fagan

We hope we have sparked a creative flame. Celebrate Christmas in July with us and start your holiday gift giving and decoration preparation early. You can be sure as the holiday season near that we will be making more ornaments and having more fun. It is never to early to start an amazing beaded Christmas decoration. We would love to see what you make. You can share your designs with us on our Facebook community, join our VIB group and share the spirit! 

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How To Make A Beaded Ornament

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