Learn How To Wire Wrap A Pendant With Craft Wire

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Learn How To Wire Wrap A Pendant With Craft Wire Collage

Learn How To Wire Wrap A Pendant With Craft Wire

This week on Free Spirit Beading with Kristen Fagan, I showed how to make a pendant using Soft Flex Craft Wire to make a wire wrapped cage for holding a cabochon, donut or gemstone. I used 22ga Silver Plated Craft Wire in Non-Tarnish Silver for the base wire, as well as for the wire wrapping. Wire wrapping is a wonderful way to make all sorts of creative jewelry.

Wire Wrapped Pendants by Kristen Fagan

Wire Wrapped Pendant by Kristen Fagan

I first showed how to make wire wrapped pendants in the recent TGBE Midwinter Market video with Sara Oehler. Click here to watch our video.

To help get me started with this wire wrapping technique, I watched a great tutorial on the Beaducation YouTube channel, and I adapted the technique from there. Here is the cabochon pendant necklace that I made during our Midwinter Market video.

TGBE Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace by Kristen Fagan

TGBE Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace by Kristen Fagan

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Kristen Fagan is a Website Graphic Designer and Jewelry Making Educator for Soft Flex® Company. She is the co-author of Seed Bead Revolution, an artist and creativity guide. She lives in Arizona with her husband, their two sons and two dogs. When she's not painting, drawing or beading, she enjoys reading, yoga, exploring the outdoors and traveling. Her favorite stones are Turquoise and Quartz, and she can't bead without Bead Stoppers. Contact her at Kristen@SoftFlexCompany.com or visit her Website | Facebook | Instagram