Save Money With Budget Friendly Beading Supplies And Jewelry Making Tools

Do you need to restock your jewelry making tool kit? Visit our website and save! We have weekly sales and discounts. We have giveaways and more. Our online catalog has a wonderful selection of high quality beading tools and jewelry supplies that won't wreck your wallet! In today's blog, we are looking at the beading essentials every beginner needs. Find the right tools for the job. And learn how to save money when you need to refill your kit.

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Starting a new hobby can be a daunting prospect. You will need tools and supplies and it can get expensive. Today, we are sharing  tips on how to keep your budget in check and what tools you will need for what jobs. Check out our latest sales for a great deal on the beading tools you need!

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Save Money With Budget Friendly Beading Supplies And Jewelry Making Tools

Save Money With Budget Friendly Beading Supplies And Jewelry Making Tools Collage

Essential Tools For Basic Beading And Jewelry Making

What do you need to begin a new jewelry making hobby? Simple! If you have a pair of  crimping pliers and a decent pair of cutters, you have the two most important tools you need. These two tools are all you need to finish a bracelet, a necklace, or even a pair of earrings.

Crimping pliers and cutters are basic, but they are the foundation of a good beading tool kit!

Twilight Sky Jewelry by Kristen Fagan

These two simple tools are all you need to create classic jewelry. Single strand necklaces are so easy to finish. Your designs will be strong and secure. Add a couple of jewelry findings, like connectors or cones, and you can elevate to a multi-strand design or a more complicated piece. But having these two essentials will ensure that you have the foundation for a making stunning jewelry.

Crimping Pliers

Regular Crimping Pliers

Shop Crimping Pliers!

Crimping pliers are a must if you want to finish your jewelry like a professional. Once you master your crimping pliers, every crimp is uniform and secure. Trying to smash your crimps with a pair of regular pair of pliers means your crimps will be irregular and prone to slipping. Crimping pliers allow for your design to be secure with a crimp bead that looks and feels smooth. Easy to follow instructions can be found in our Tips and Tricks section.

Regular Crimping Pliers Head

Regular crimping pliers work with 2x2mm crimps or 2x3mm crimps. 2x2mm crimps are the most common crimps you will have in your kit. They work with .014 fine and .019 medium diameter wires. 2x3mm crimps are going to be ideal if you want to make sure your .024 heavy diameter designs are secure.


Bead Nipper

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These bead nippers are wonderful for a beginner. These are cost effective for someone who does not do a lot of cutting. They are not intended to be used for anything but cord and soft wire. Once you start designing more jewelry and cutting more wire, you will find that you may need to replace your nippers as the blades dull over time.

JTV & Soft Flex Jewelry Designs by Sara Oehler

These are the only two tools you need to get started. Beading wire, crimps, and clasps will finish your designs, but having these two tools in your kit will allow you to finish almost any beaded jewelry design.

Soft Flex Bead Stringing Starter Kit

Soft Flex Bead Stringing Starter Kit

Shop Bead Stringing Starter Kits!

Looking for an all-in-one purchase to kick off a new craft? We have starter kits that are perfect for beginners. Our kits come with the tools, wire and findings you need to begin a hobby in beading. They are also great for designers that need to restock their beading supplies. Make a resolution to make jewelry this year. Learn a new technique or master a favorite.

This Bead Stringing Starter Kit includes a Bead Mat, 2 red tip Bead Stoppers, Regular Crimping Pliers, Bead Nippers, 20 count package of 2x2mm Crimp Tubes, Ear Wires, Lobster Clasps, a 10ft spool of Soft Flex .019 Medium Beading Wire in your choice of color and a FREE package of Beads. (Bead colors vary and will be based on your wire color choice).

A starter kit is the perfect way to get all of the tools and wire you need in a single package.

Build A Better Beading Kit For Your Beaded Jewelry

Once you have a base, you can build on it. Crimping pliers and cutters are your foundation. Now you can explore other tools to specialize or finish projects that require an adventurous spirit and resolve! In the video above, Sara discusses tools and techniques for the jewelry designer that is looking to expand their talents and make one of a kind jewelry designs.

One thing to note about building a cost effective  kit is that you get what you pay for. When you are first building your supplies up, it may feel like you are spending an arm and a leg. But, if you cut corners, you are going to find yourself replacing tools more often. Buy smart and buy quality tools. If you get a quality pair of tools, you may pay more initially, but if you settle for cheap tools, you are going to pay more in the long run, trying to keep up with repairs and replacements.

Chocolate Kiss Bracelet & Earrings by Sara Oehler

Cutters are one such tool. If you plan on doing a little cutting here and there, economy cutters are fine. But if you are actively making jewelry and cutting a lot of wire, you are going to need to buy more and more cutters. Quality cutters have a harder blade and are built to be durable. In the long run, a quality pair will last years longer than a cheap pair.

Any tool you use frequently, you should consider upgrading to a higher quality and you will avoid the expense of replacing and repairing.

Precision Strength Flush Cutters

Precision Strength Flush Cutters

Shop Precision Beading Wire Cutters!

These precision strength European Flush Cutters are a high quality tool for the professional jewelry designer. You can cut any diameter of Soft Flex and Soft Touch and most gauges of Soft Flex Craft Wire.

This tool is manufactured in Europe. These cutters are constructed of stainless steel with ergonomic foam cushion handles. Precision Strength Flush Cutters have a lap-joint, a smooth spring return and a Rockwell Hardness of 61.

Note: These cutters are designed for use on beading wire and soft metals, such as sterling silver or copper. Hard wire, such as Memory Wire, will harm the blades of the cutter. Euro Tool, the manufacturer, recommends not cutting anything larger than a 16 gauge wire, unless is it a soft metal like, gold or silver wire, then you could go as large as 14 gauge.

The Right Tools For The Right Job!

Making jewelry that is secure and strong means that you need to find the right tools for the job. If you are crimping a design, using a pair of regular pliers will lead to irregular shaped crimps. If you invest in crimping pliers, you will have finished crimps that look amazing and secure your jewelry for years to come.

Use the right tools for the right job and your favorite new hobby will be easy to master!

If you are making earrings and want a uniform look to them, it is wise to invest in a product like a WigJig jewelry jig board. WigJigs are great for consistency - especially if you are looking to sell similar pieces. If you use a diagram or pattern beneath your WigJig board, your designs will always be the same shape and size. They are perfect for a beginner that wants to explore patterns or a professional that is selling their jewelry!

WigJig Acrylic Wire Jig

Shop WigJigs!

Shop WigJigs!

Check out our selection of  WigJig boards. WigJig is our preferred brand of jig boards. They are clear, which means you can place them over patterns. Other jig boards are clear, but are made with a flimsy plastic. This plastic widens and opens over time and the pegs slip and do not remain still. WigJig boards are created from the same sturdy material you find in aircraft windows. It is resilient and not going to age like a cheaper crafted jig board.

WigJigs are also great for creating components. If you are tired of buying ear wires - you can make your own signature ear wires at home. Creating every element of the jewelry you are designing let's you be as creative as possible - and you can save money!

Don't Be Afraid To Experiment With Your Jewelry Designs!

Did you know you can knot Soft Flex Beading Wire? Our wire is flexible enough that you can knot or braid it - without losing any strength or durability. Macrame jewelry with beading wire is a modern twist on an ancient art. Macrame our beading wire and add beads for a stunning finish! Soft Flex wire comes in a rainbow of brilliant colors - perfect for exposing the beading wire and making it part of the design.

Soft Flex Beading Wire is flexible enough that you can knot or braid it!

Mini Macrame Board

Mini Macrame Board

Mini Macrame Board

Can be used with any Soft Flex Wire. Great with our .019 diameter for the color selection.

Macrame is likely derived from Arabic or Turkish words describing fringes and weaving techniques. It is a form of crafting textiles using knots - rather than knitting, crocheting or weaving.

Early macrame was used as a decorative fringe. It later fell into favor with sailors and was used for hammocks, fringe work on railing and bells and decorative finishes to knife handles and bottles. Macrame exploded in popularity during the 1970s and was used for wall hangings, jewelry, and clothing.

On into the 21st century, we have found macrame especially fun to use with Soft Flex Wire. Explore jewelry making with our colored wire and a macrame board!

Kumihimo is another design option for Soft Flex Beading Wire. Kumihimo is the ancient art of braided cord. Modern kumihimo disks and square plates allow the technology of stainless steel beading wire to create colorful and stunning jewelry designs.

Modern kumihimo disks and square plates allow you to braid your beading wire as is - or add beads and focals as you see fit. The amazing finish of the braided design is perfect for masculine or feminine designs. Fun for the whole family!

Kumihimo Disks and Plates

Shop Kumihimo!

Shop Kumihimo Disks!

Kumihimo means 'gathered threads' in Japanese. It is a form of braiding. Kumihimo braids can be used to create decorative lace, cords, jewelry or clothing accessories. Historically, Kumihimo braids have been used in Samurai armor and weaponry. The braids were used as a functional knit for their armor pieces. Decoratively, it adorned their horses armor and the handles of their swords.

Modern Kumihimo disks are great for the crafter on the go. You can even use our ten foot Soft Flex Color Wire spools as bobbins! Despite the intricate and complicated look of kumihimo braids, the actual process is incredibly easy! Learning how to braid takes just moments to understand. Become a master in minutes! Braiding is relaxing and easy enough to do while watching TV or enjoying a quiet afternoon.

Keeping Costs Down - Some Final Thoughts On Managing a Beading Budget

Jewelry making does not have to be an expensive craft. We have some tips on how to tame your budget and make a bunch of amazing jewelry without sacrificing your savings or your precious time.

Save money on jewelry making:

  • Look for sales on our website - Soft Flex Company.
  • Visit bead shows and chat with exhibitors and owners of shops.
  • Buy in bulk. Initially expensive, but a better deal in the long run.
  • Buy with friends - share the tab and save.
  • Buy quality tools to avoid the cost of replacing a poorly made tool.
  • Don't cut corners with crimps as you will be restringing sooner than later.
  • Use the right tool - crimping pliers are MADE for crimping.
  • Make your own components! Make ear wires and jump rings at home!
  • Join the Great Bead Extravaganza group for deals and giveaways!
  • Shop Closeouts and Outlets for great discounts.

Wire Wrapped Ceramic Donut Beaded Necklace by Kristen Fagan

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