Stay Warm With Our DIY Christmas Decorations And Holiday Jewelry Ideas

We have a delicious serving of gingerbread ornaments and jewelry making videos for you! Craft unique DIY Christmas decorations and DIY Christmas gifts for friends and family this year. We make it easy to create inexpensive, but stunning, presents that look like you spent gobs of money. Handmade gifts do not have to look like an afterthought. Our videos will show you what is in our design kits and how to use the materials inside to make a little holiday magic. Let's make jewelry and share it with the ones we love most!

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Jewelry Making Videos

Stay Warm With Our DIY Christmas Decorations And Holiday Jewelry Ideas Collage

Soft Flex Holiday Crafting Merry-Thon

Join us for our Soft Flex Holiday Crafting Merry-Thon!

Participate & Win a $25 Soft Flex Store Credit at Soft Flex Company.

December 1st - 25th, follow our calendar. Complete the daily prompt and upload your image and the hashtag #merrybeading to our Soft Flex VIB Studio Facebook Group to enter. 4 winners chosen on Jan. 5, 2024. Winners are selected randomly, skill is not a requirement. $25 Credit must be used by Feb 15th, it will be forfeited beyond that date.

DIY Christmas Ornaments - How To Make A Gingerbread Girl Ornament

Beading Party With Jenifer Miller - Create With Our Gingerbread Design Kit

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Sports Fans

Thunderhorse Descendant: Unboxing The Gingerbread Design Kit

Marcie Creates: Holiday Earrings Featuring The Gingerbread Kit

Stephanie Garrett Creative: Gingerbread Design Kit Reveal

Turquoise.Street: Beaded Jewelry Tutorial With Sam’s Bead Box & Soft Flex Metallics

Star's Beads: Beading Therapy With Mommy And Baby

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