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Soft Touch
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Soft Touch™ Wire is strong as steel and soft as silk.

Soft Touch™ Wire is a lead-free beading wire for designers that want a premium product for their designs. Soft Touch™ Wire has the softest drape on the market, your pieces will lay like they were strung on thread. Soft Touch™ Wire is constructed of either 7, 21 or 49 micro woven stainless steel wires. It is supple enough that it can be knotted and comes black and white (.010) and Premium Satin Silver. It is available in 4 diameters: .010, .014, .019, and .024. We recommend Soft Touch™ Wire for designers that want their pieces to last and eliminate the frustration of restringing.


Basic Usage:

.010 Very Fine - Ideal for embellishing, weaving, crocheting and stringing very small beads. We suggest finishing with 1x1mm crimps.

.014 Fine - Ideal for soft materials, seed beads and fresh water pearls. We suggest finishing with 2x2mm crimps.

.019 Medium - Ideal all purpose wire. Great with glass, mineral, and metal beads. We suggest finishing with 2x2mm crimps.

.024 Heavy - Ideal for abrasive materials, large stones, lamp work and bracelets. We suggest finishing with 2x3mm crimps.


Recycle us! Our empty spools can be repurposed as bead trays. Before stringing your next design, place your beads into an upside down spool. They are perfect for containing your beads for each project. Or, tear off the label and toss your unwanted spools in a recycle bin. All stainless steel used in the construction of Soft Flex products is 100% recyclable. Our nylon coating is derived from renewable resources and can be recycled. Think green!

Product Reviews

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Soft Touch Medium
Written by milojka kline on Apr 14th 2023

excellent and the best in the entire world range

softflex beading wire
Written by lisa on Mar 10th 2023

Always a terrific product. Fast shipping and very careful packaging. Great customer service.

Review Soft Touch Premium Beading Wire
Written by Denise R. Whitacre on Nov 12th 2021

This is an excellent product that I've used for making one of a kind necklaces (using semi-precious gemstones) that require this product due to the weights of some of the heavier beads. The strength of the steel wire more than compensates for extending the life of the necklaces. I had one client who experienced constant breakage of her necklace because she's worn it so much and I kept using a different product to re-string the beads. I finally got tired of doing this, so I decided to use some of the Soft Flex product that I had at the time, and this has been a few years ago--haven't heard from her since!!! I highly recommend this product to anyone who does beadwork in any medium due to the years of life it will add to any piece.

Medium soft flex
Written by Dolores on Oct 18th 2021

Great product and I love using it for all my beading projects. I will order again in the future.

Soft Touch Premium Beading Wire
Written by Lin on Nov 11th 2020

I now have three different thicknesses of this beading wire and I LOVE them all!!

Soft Touch Premium Beading Wire
Written by Sue Purdy on Sep 22nd 2020

I love to use the fine diameter in this beading wire when my designs include more delicate gemstones and crystals where I want a nice draping flow. The strength and various colors make designing easier. I recommend it. I also like that is made in the US.

Soft Touch Premium Beading Wire used for fly fishing
Written by Wayne Ferguson on Jun 10th 2020

I used the Soft Touch Premium Beading Wire for my fly fishing leader because the bluefish here have very sharp and strong teeth. The Soft Touch Premium Beading Wire is very strong and thin so the fish are not scared away by a heavy gage traditional wire leader. Also it is very easy to tie fishing knots. You should advertise Soft Touch Premium Beading Wire as a fishing accessory through Bass Pro Shops!!

Great wire
Written by JudyG on May 19th 2020

A wonderful smaller size diameter wire. Super drape and STRONG !

All of soft flex wire for beading
Written by Jacki Boon on May 7th 2020

After finding the Soft Flex company and trying their wire, I never buy wire or crimps from anywhere else. After spending a lot of time beading a necklace I made and picked it up to show my husband, the wire broke and all the beads scattered everywhere. Then I found Soft Flex. No mater what I make now, the wire never breaks and also, no wire get "bent" the wrong way to mess up the piece I'm beading. Love this wire!

Soft touch premium beading wire
Written by Robin Critelli on Oct 30th 2019

Love this wire. Very strong but soft and flexible. My long strand of beading felt like it was on string but I knew it wouldn't break if I knotted the center. It was the perfect solution to this particular beading project!

Soft Touch Beading Wire
Written by Marty on Apr 6th 2019

I love using this wire with the macrame' board.

All of your beading wires.
Written by Joyce Uhl on Feb 26th 2019

Your wire is my go to favorite. Easy to work with, great colors & metallics, most useful diameters, plays well with crimps even.

SoftTouch beading wire
Written by Betsy on Feb 4th 2019

I love the SoftTouch beading wire. It is the only wire I know of with the super fine option of .010 which is needed for some of the smaller gemstone beads. I recently made a moonstone bracelet for my neice's birthday and found the .014 would not fit. Very happy to hapy the Softtouch option with its fine diameter and lovely draping. Softflex and their crimps are the best!