And Just Like That... Pearls

Sex and the City was a show that was as devoted to fashion and jewelry as it was to drama, comedy, and relationships. We loved seeing the elegant designs that Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha wore each week. And Just Like That... is the return of our favorite gal pals. Carrie Bradshaw is back with more iconic jewelry. She has always been an iconic figure for elegant and simple pearl necklaces. This season, she showed off some stunning layered looks. But she was also back in pearls. Pearls are a classic look and they seem to reside on the necks of the most graceful celebrities and powerful political figures. Let's look at some pearl designs today and talk everything Sex and the City.

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Pearls are one of our favorite beads. We love how they are delicate and fragile, but are also a hit with woman in positions of incredible power and authority. It is such an interesting dynamic. There is a good deal of fearlessness in allowing yourself to ne vulnerable. Pearls are also, of course, divinely elegant. Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw, has been a stunning figure in the streets of Manhattan with her single strand pearl necklaces and pearl rings. Let's look at pearl necklaces and pearl earrings that will make you as fashion forward as Carrie Bradshaw and friends.

And Just Like That... Pearls

And Just Like That... Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda, and Charlotte are back in our lives! The first episode threw a knockout punch, right in our feels. We lost a big character. But it was so sweet to be able to catch up. Our thirty-something gal pals are now in their mid 50s and nothing is slowing them down. Everybody is talking about moments from the show.

But WOW - have you seen the jewelry?

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Shop Pearls!

Shop Pearls!

Pearls are organic gemstones. Natural pearls are formed when an irritant gets inside a mollusk's shell and the animal responds with a nacre coating to shield itself. Pearls are a rare occurrence naturally and in previous centuries, thousands of oysters and mussels would have to be opened to find even one. They are now cultivated with the expert help of pearl farmers.

Shop Shell Pearls!

Shop Shell Pearls!

Shell pearls are similar to natural pearls. Shell pearls are man made but are created using the same material - the mother of pearl that is found in the lining of oyster shells. Since shell pearls are produced, there is a wider option in color selection. Shell pearls have a more affordable price point than their rarer counterpart. Shell pearls are also more durable than natural pearls. If you love the look of pearls but want a much more sustainable and economical option, shell pearls are a great fit. Our high quality shell pearls are great for the designer that loves the grace of Jackie Kennedy or the fun of Carrie Bradshaw.

And Just Like That... Jewelry Inspiration

New character Lisa Todd Wexley is covered head to toe in fabulous jewelry. Our jaws drop every time she shows up. What is funny is that nobody else seems to be talking about her gorgeous sense of style! She is the very essence of what made SATC re-watchable - epic style and charismatic character!

Woven Pearl Necklace by Mike Sherman

Soft Flex founder Michael Sherman's Designs - Click here!

Nicole Ari Parker (Lisa Wexley) is a visionary. She reminds us a lot of the jewelry Soft Flex founder Michael Sherman designed. Big, chunky and exuding strength and confidence. Lisa is a stunner in a bold red linked chain she wears as a necklace. Her jewelry demands attention. She would have been a fan of our Neon Nights Design Kit with our glowing hot pink puff sleeve blazer and yellow shorts ensemble that she paired with big beautiful bracelets. My goodness!

Lisa is instantly iconic in Fendi dresses, lace up knee high boots, stylish clutches, and beautiful statement jewelry pieces that are larger than life. Lisa Wexley's glowing jumpsuits and strappy sandals look so amazing with her jewelry fashion sense.

Sarah Jessica Parker is also amazing - of course. We have always loved Carrie Bradshaw's style. This season we got to see her gemstone styles and layered rivière necklaces. Molly Rogers is one of the show's costume designers that is making us pause the screen every time we see a stunning new design.

Carrie Bradshaw's jewelry is full of layered looks. She is elegant in turquoise and malachite. SJP is a vision with her lovely chokers. If you have deep pockets, you can find a rivière necklace from Emily Satloff that looks like something Carrie would wear. Check out Larkspur & Hawk if you want to drool a little.

In Sex and the City, we loved Carrie Bradshaw’s collection of pearl necklaces. And Just Like That... continues with her love of elegant and easy style. If you need some pearl ideas, we have plenty in our jewelry making projects. Sarah Jessica Parker is also wearing a lot of charms this season. We love accenting our jewelry with charms.

We are gushing over the stunning styles. And Just Like That... we are all wanting our own personal jewelry designer with an unlimited budget and visionary appreciation for daring fashion! Let's look at some of the jewelry styles you can make at home that Carrie Bradshaw might wear!

DIY Valentine Heart And Pearl Necklace Strung On Pink Soft Flex Wire

Make a fun pearl necklace for Galentine's Day! You can even add a delightful ceramic pendant as the focal. Kristen chose an artisan pendant from Gaea Handmade. This pendant has been in her beading supplies for awhile and she figured this was the perfect occasion to use it. The pendant was a cute little heart shape, making it perfect for Valentine's Day jewelry. This necklace would also make a fantastic beach necklace. Kristen used pearl and conch shell beads. Carrie Bradshaw might opt for something a little less color popped, but this elegant design is perfect for a bubbly Charlotte piece!!

Valentine Heart And Pearl Necklace by Kristen Fagan

Learn How To Make A Pearl Necklace

Pearl Jewelry Demonstration

Click the image above or click here to view video -  Cornflake Pearl Necklace

Carrie Bradshaw's jewelry is full of eye catching designs. Cornflake pearls can really draw attention. Add some drama to your next necklace with some of these stunning beads. This gorgeous pearl necklace is perfect for a night on Broadway, in Manhattan.

Cornflake Pearl Necklace by Sara Oehler

Knitted Bangle With Sea Glass And Pearls

Knitted Bangle With Sea Glass And Pearls by Kristen Fagan

Click here to learn how to make this gorgeous bracelet - Knitted Bangle With Sea Glass And Pearls

This stunning bracelet is a little Carrie Bradshaw and a little Lisa Todd Wexley. It has the lovely style of soft pearls. But it also has the power pop punk and brash fashion command that Lisa Wexley wears. Go BIG with this classic and colorful knitted jewelry design!

Knitted Bangle With Sea Glass And Pearls by Kristen Fagan

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Pearls

Want to dress yourself in Carrie Bradshaw's pearl jewelry? Learn every everything you need to know about pearls. The elegance and lasting beauty of a strand of pearls is timeless. There has never been a period in history where pearls were not en vogue. In the modern world, natural pearls are both rare and expensive. If it was not for the technology of cultured pearls, most of us would not be able to own pearls today. It is miraculous how a pearl is created but how many of us know the process or man's role in expanding pearl production?

Click here:  Learn Everything You Need To Know About Pearls

Pearl Party Earrings by Shelley Richey

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