Exotic Flower Jewelry, Barbie Jewelry, Beading Therapy & More!

We have a brilliant collection of Exotic Blooms themed jewelry making videos for you this week. A pretty flower necklace is great for spring or summer! Stay cool with colorful flower earrings. Do you love Barbie jewelry? Learn how to make dainty jewelry that Barbie can wear! This is a great project to share with the little ones in your life. May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month. This terrible disease has affected us on a personal level (visit Joshua Oehler's Caring Bridge). We want to spread knowledge. We want to show you how beading therapy can help you find a calm place. Beading is healing. Being creative and spending quality time making beautiful things is great for the soul. Let's make jewelry!


Jewelry Making Videos

Exotic Flower Jewelry, Barbie Jewelry, Beading Therapy & More! Collage

How To Make Jewelry With Our Exotic Blooms Beading Kit

Make A Vintage Style Necklace With A Butterfly Shell Pendant Bead

Beading Party With Cassandra Spicer Of Beads To Live By: Beading Therapy

Kate Richbourg: Stringing Czech Glass Beads & Soft Flex Discussion

Rosanna Brafford: How To Make Barbie Jewelry With Exotic Blooms

Follow this link for more Barbie Jewelry.

Thunderhorse Descendant: Making A Necklace With Exotic Blooms Kit

Deb Floros: Making Jewelry With The Exotic Blooms Beading Kit

Stephanie Garrett Creative: Unboxing The Exotic Blooms Kit

Stephanie Garrett Creative: Unboxing The Exotic Blooms Kit

Space Pickle Designs: Exotic Blooms Themed Jewelry Kit Reveal

Melissa Jewelry Art: Making Earrings With The Exotic Blooms Kit

Beki Foster: A New Technique With SilverSilk Hollow Mesh & Soft Flex Wire

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